30 Second Network 1.15.2

30 Second Network
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.30secondgames.net

Minecraft, but you get a random item every 30 seconds.

The classic SMP experience with the twist of the Item Dropper thrown into the mix. Hang out with friends, build amazing structures, conquer the world, whatever you want.

A classic Skyblock experience with a unique twist - you start with a single bedrock slab. No trees, no chest, no cobble generator. You progress by receiving a random item every 30 seconds. This can be literally any item except command blocks. You use these items to progress and you will eventually be able to make cobble generators, trees with saplings, and conquer your island. Featuring a custom-coded plugin that allows you to up the difficulty to 60 seconds, or even disable it entirely if its getting annoying, as well as a bossbar to tell you when the next item is and a scoreboard telling you your previous item. This plugin also adds exciting Ultra Rules that change up the gameplay for a small amount of time. This server supports Vivecraft. Server inspired by Wilbur Soots YouTube series - go watch the videos if you havent already. Original datapack created by Phoenix SC - not used on the server, but credit is due anyway for the idea.

essentials, bskyblock, bentobox, vivecraft, vr