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Welcome and thank you for reading this post.

I am a long time minecraft player that loves to play vanilla with others. Events in weekends, talking on discord with each other and making shops to sell your resources are to be expected on this server. Do keep in mind we only accept people that are 18+ if you think you are mature enough you can still apply but I will have to interview you.

We are planning to get a playerbase of 10 to 15 people. When starting there will be a border that will expand X amount of blocks to prevent people building out 10K blocks in the first week. If we get enough people we can start earlier most likely coming weekend.

What will this server run?
Spigot 1.14.4
One player sleep
Mobheads if wanted
Dragon drops elytra if wanted

Rules Discord
1. No spamming or excessive use of bot commands.
2. No discussing extremist politics, such as sexism and racism.
3. No commercial advertising, but you may still share relevant content if you feel like.
4. No flaming e.g. insulting, abusing or harassing threatening other members.

5. No illegal content, links to viruses, bots, scams or illegal programs.

6. Keep excessive cursing to a minimum

7. Respect opinions of other users. Feel free to debate, but keep the discussion objective and respectful.

8. We only allow constructive criticism of work and content made by other users. Please be respectful.

9. Do not harrass anyone on direct messages DMs based on discussions or info from this server.

In game rules
1. No Stealing.
2. No Griefing.
3. No Hacks, Mods, or X-rays Allowed! Optifine is allowed

Apple here :

one player sleep