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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.stormholdmc.com

We are a whitelisted semi-vanilla, mature, and friendly community. We have no items cheated in and we have a no-reset policy. We strive to create a place to call home, a place for people to sit back and enjoy the game like it was meant to be played. We have community events, an amazing shopping area, all player built!

Version: 1.15.2
IP: play.stormholdmc.com
Website: Click here to visit our website!
Discord: Click here to join our discord server!
Live map: Click here to view our online map.
Rules: Our guidelines
Map started: 10/29/2019
End size: 30,0002 blocks [Recently reset]
Overworld size: 30,0002 blocks [Recently expanded]
Host: 16 gigabytes of ram, Intel i7-6700K - 4.2 GHz, hosted from French.
Size: We have around 80 active players, ~60 per day. Usually 10+ concurrent players.

As a vanilla server its expected to have no plugins. Unfortunately at the moment, its near impossible to run a public server without few plugins. Thats mainly due to the terrible performance and other issues such as griefing.

Grief and theft prevention features: The whitelist application does filter out most unwanted people, but occasionally few people get through it and start griefing, stealing. We dont have the resources to have staff members online at an given time of the day, so we have means to log actions and revert them within seconds.

Enhancements: As time goes by, non-renewable resources and items, such as elytras and shulkers begin to be harder to come by. We have quite a few datapacks and plugins which help with issues only multiplayer communities have to encounter.
Multiplayer sleep: If 20 of the players are asleep, the night will accelerate quickly.
Double shulker shells: Shulkers in the end will drop 2 shells no matter what.
Custom armour stands: Well known armour stand modifier book from HermitCraft.
Player and mob heads: Players and mobs have a chance of dropping their head.
No creeper grief: Creepers only do damage to entities.
Dragon elytra drop: Ender dragons have a 100 chance of dropping an set of wings.
Chairs: Players can sit down on slabs, stairs, carpets or use a command for it.
Edit signs: Its possible to shift + right click signs and modify them.
Showitem: Players can showcase their items in chat.
Thunderdeath: A thunderbolt is summoned where players die.

Server addons: General improvement for the looks. These dont give anything special, just make the server stand out a bit and overall feel nicer. Vanilla doesnt allow this much customization unfortunately.
Custom motd: A better looking message of the day.
Custom message: Death, join and leave messages have been revamped.
Better tab menu: A good looking player list.
Private messages: Its possible to communicate privately in game.

Donator features: We really appreciate the communitys support with donations and we would like to give some special things to them.
Glow: Donators can have a coloured outline.
Particles: Thousands of neat looking effects can be made with a simple GUI.
Item lores, names: Donators can rename and lore items using an anvil.
Hats: Donators can wear certain blocks and items on their hats.
Chat color: Its possible to change your default chat colour.

We are looking forward meeting new, dedicated and friendly people! If you would like to give it a try, create an application! The fastest way is to join our discord server and submit an application there!
Hope to see you soon!