Tellus - Survival 1.15.2

Tellus - Survival
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Tellus Survival is a 4 month old survival server with some quality of life plugins.
We work a lot with automation and redstone, along with having a large economy.

The server is first and foremost meant to be community driven, we encourage all players to build close-ish together and work together on community projects.
So far people have made different settlements all around spawn and some players have taken it upon themself to make a road across all the settlements connecting them together.
For the same reason we have an economy plugin to encourage player made shops and trading for currency.

We offer player made land claims with automatic gaining of claimblocks with activity on the server.

This server was made from our discord community and is connected to the discord server enabling communication both ways from minecraft to discord.
We encourage all members to join the discord for some fun times in voice chat while we play.

We look forward to meeting you all!

Close knit community

Grief protection


Semi-vanilla with economy

Player made settlements

Community projects

No pay to win

Landclaim, PvE, Economy, Essentials, Survival