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A Minecraft world thats just a little harder. Our server is set at Hard difficulty as well as including plugins such as Full Moon, Infernal Mobs, and Mythic Mobs to add an extra layer of difficulty. Can you survive this extremely difficult world, or will you be unable to handle it and ragequit? Join our Discord Server if you enjoy playing here! https://discord.gg/mdZ69fx

Essentials, Mythic Mobs, Infernal Mobs, Full Moon, Catacombs, DiscordSRV, Mineable Spawners, ArmoredElytra, mcMMO, Jobs, SaneEconomy, BetterRTP, GSit, PortalHelper, ParrotGlue, Towny, TownyFlight, TownyGUI, SingePlayerSleep, ClearLagg, VillagerShopkeepers, VotifierPlus, VotingPlugin