Pirate Bay 1.12.2

Pirate Bay
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mcsl.piratebayserver.net


We worked hard for the last few months on the extremely unique, extended survival server. You will not be able to find anything like this on any existing Minecraft server.

Im sure, that youll definitely like it.

So, let me list some of the best things we have:

Chickens Shooting Range. Really? Yeh!
You can shoot chickens in a shooting range and earn coins and top-points.

There are 3 difficulty levels. And more 3 levels if you buy rum and get drunk.

And youll get more coins

Golden Rogers Treasures
This is a variation of The King of The Hill game, one more unique pvp mode. You have to get on top of the golden blocks and try to keep staying there as long as you can, getting money.

Ship Capture
This is also a pvp mode, where you try to capture a ship, fight with a Boss, and collect different rare and valuable things like captain compass or a pirate golden tooth. Finally, you can sell any found staff to a strange buyer.

Sky PvP
Fight, find different buffs and exchange on coins, and a lot of other funny quests and interactive moments.

Demonic Stone
Demons, bloody demons

Your target is to break the Demonic Block as many times, as you can because its not so easy to do this.

You need a Demonic Pickaxe to break it or a pirates kings Rabbit foot of an ARTIFACTO rarity.