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MFC Network
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mfc.us.to

IP: mfc.us.to

Discord: https://discord.gg/UPgE6H2

What is MFC Network?
The MFC network is a small but growing server with a fun and friendly environment. It has exciting and unique features and is highlighted by the custom survival game mode. It offers little to no lag, no annoying anti-lag plugins, and state of the art anti-cheat and anti-exploit. It does not have pay to win features and many permissions are even obtainable through playtime.

Survival mode features:
Basic features such as /home, /rtp, /back, /tpa, etc.
Custom chests
Custom enchants
Custom bosses
Many quests with rewards
Advanced economy system with gui shop and auction house
PVP Arena
Easy to learn system with custom /help, /enchant, and /warps gui.

1.16 Survival Features:
Basic features such as /home, /rtp, /back, /tpa, etc.
And more to be added!

Creative features:
Advanced plot system
Free anti-lag worldedit

Kitpvp Features:
Feature rich kits including useful abilities
Great mutli-biome map

Minigame Features:
Hunger games with advanced map, chest placement, etc.
Duels with multiple maps and 4 popular kits

...and much more! Preview the server here: https://imgur.com/a/FigDdFb

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