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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to check out this post. Although I am not new to Minecraft, I do not have much server hosting experience. So forgive me if I seem a bit n00bish. I have just made a brand new 1.17.1 vanilla server that is 100% vanilla, no plugins or mods; but with a few auto scripts. It will not be up 24/7; however, I'll try and have it running when I can. I'm setting this up to be a very small community type server. So for now I am only taking applications for 5 players. Minecraft can be better with friends though, so I am setting it up so that each player can choose one guest for a total of ten players. So for example a player can apply and let's say they have a friend, or a sibling, or a classmate, or whatever that they'd like to be able to play on the server with then they can select them as their guest. Again I am very n00bish at this, so maybe this is a dumb idea but I am going to try it out anyways. If it does not work out then I'll just take regular applications like normal. As time goes on if players quit or become inactive then I'll seek out new players to replace and refill the server roster. All players must be at least 13 years of age and I ask that conversations in chat on the server stay reasonably civilized with the age ranges in mind.

There are tons of different Vanilla servers out there so I wanted to experiment with some of the customization options available in the game. This is because I wanted the server to be a unique type of challenge but otherwise stay within as normal Minecraft like as possible. The main feature of this server is there is only two small land masses divided by a bit of water!! Basically their is only a small sample of Lush Caves and Drip Stone Caves biome chunks at the initial spawn with some Ocean Biome between them. This means that space and resources are extremely limited. Will players stick together and build a central structure or maybe players will find their own cozy little spot? Maybe a player will choose to stay within the safety of NPC villages or attempt to build their own area into the void away from the main area? The choice is yours. Please note that this main feature may make this server a bit more difficult for novice Minecraft players as resources can be limited due to the initial severe lack or land or shared resources.

For those who are more Minecraft tech savvy and are curious, this world was made by first creating a new buffet world with only those three sets of biome options and allowing the initial area around spawn to generate its chunks. Then stopping the server and changing the level.dat file to instead have the rest of the server generate as a superflat where no blocks except air generate. Later on some additional land masses may be generated if needed or for other projects. The initial space outside the land mass area will be either void biome or Lush Caves biome but any new chunks will be Lush Caves biome or another of my choosing or by another admin. So if any player wants to really venture out away from Spawn, then note the default environment will be those biome types. I will try and read applications on this forum post and respond to the ones that can be the first 5 to join as time allows. I will also be showcasing the server and game play sessions on my Twitch.tv channel over at twitch.tv/kurtd0g when I can. Feel free to come and watch; however, DO NOT private message me or attempt to apply via private message on the Twitch site. All other such requests and applications will be ignored. If I am streaming the server though you may ask to join via Twitch chat. Seeing as I am only taking 5 applications, I will take Twitch chat requests to join if I start having trouble finding new players via this forum post.


1. No Stealing

2. No Greifing

3. No X-ray, cheats or hacks

4. Do not destroy or otherwise grief NPC villages!! This is important because of the nature of the server's severe lack of land and its imposed difficulty.

5. Keep chat clean and civil for anyone as young as 13. No racism or bullying. Just use common sense.

6. Please keep area near initial world spawn safe and clean for any new player that might join the server.

7. Although their is no building limits or restrictions, respect a player's individual areas if it appears they may be building something. It is ok to share space and work together but if a player asks to be left alone, then don't bother them.

8. When in NPC villages and you take food crops, replant them for other players. Although land and resources are scarce, let's not let everyone starve to death. Likewise do not destroy the Ender Portal Frame or room, cause the superflat generatorOptions means their is probably only one.

9. Keep server landscape clean. If you or an enemy mob destroys something or someone else's stuff, try to repair if possible.

10. Do NOT build anything that can cause server lag. Admins will remove things such as excessive sized mob spawner trap rooms and anything else that looks to be slowing down the server without asking your permission.

11. Initially the Nether has been disabled; however it will be turned on eventually. Don't complain about this.

12. Regarding "The End" - any player is allowed to attempt to go there and fight the Ender Dragon; however, as I may want to showcase such events on stream on my Twitch, let me know or wait until KurtD0g is present so that your heroic valor can be forever immortalized as Twitch highlight footage.

13. Do not in any way harass other players, again use common sense.

14. The game rule for reducedDebugInfo is enabled on this server most of the time. This means one cannot view Coords via the F3 screen. This is intended on purpose as part of the theme of the server. Do NOT ask admins to disable it.

15. More rules may be added as needed. Feel free ask me in game or in Twitch chat (only if I'm streaming server) if other issues arise.

All new players get a one time starter set of items that may initially help them with getting started in the environment. These will be given to each new player ONCE only when they first join the server. Don't lose them or
die right away with them because you will not get them again.

Whitelist Application:

Age (must be at least 13):

Minecraft IGN:

Guest Minecraft IGN:


Your Twitch:

(I'll try and check out your channel if I have time.)

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

How do you feel your skill level is in Minecraft(scale 0 to 5):

Any other info you want to share:

I'll respond on this forum post if approved but if you'd rather I contact you via another method, specify here:


Sorry for the long post, and like I stated earlier this is kind of a new thing for me. I am also welcome for any advice regarding server management from the players or community. Just realize that on the server that an admin
will have the final say in the end. Thank you for your time.