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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.pillagepvp.com

PillagePvP is now officially open! Our spawn and permissions are finished and were hosting free rank giveaways until our official launch on 7/11/25! The Pre-Release allows players to start building their factions while the staff builds arenas and the market. Visit our website for more info: pillagepvp.com

7/25/2020 - Posted
Seasonal worlds and rewards
First season ends December 31st, starts immediately

Seasonal Worlds:

With seasons, we are able to create fresh and competitive gameplay for factions, with real risk vs reward situations and encourage raiding and PvP.

Our first season will end December 31st. Future season length will be determined by player count and world size, and we plan on experimenting with these values to provide a unique experience.

Seasonal Rewards:

The top 3 factions with the highest land claim at the end of the season with receive credit to the donation shop equal to:

1st: 200
2nd: 100
3rd: 75

The top 3 factions with the highest f balance will receive: credit to the donation shop equal to:

1st: 100
2nd: 75
3rd: 50

Each spawner in claimed land will hold a certain monetary value for the f balance competition. Monetary value to be decided soon.

Insiding is now a bannable offense. Insiding is considered joining a faction with no intention of being a part of it. Other examples include joining for coordinates, joining with an alt to steal items, or join to grief the faction home. Admins will be taking reports of insiding in a case by case basis, and reserve the right to suspend or ban any player suspected of cheating or insiding.

Dungeon Update Out Now

Use /warp dungeon to goto dungeons
Use /kit dungeon to get a free kit notice how /kits and /kit is different thats because with /kit its for custom items
Dungeons are designed to make factions fight together to bring down custom Bosses to get lootPvP disabled
TIER RATING: Common - uncommon - rare - epic - mythical - Legendary

Skeleton King drops:
Warbringer drops at 5
Falcon Blade drops at 3
SkeletonSword drops at 1

Skeletal Knights drops:
Warbringer Axe at 2
1-4 Diamonds at 2
1-6 Gold ingot at 5
1-8 Iron ingot at 10

-Some items will be dropped as unidentified and need to be identified to do this you must get a scroll of identification. These are dropped by enderman with 5 chance
-Check out the new plugin, MMOITEMS, to see abilities,items,etc
-Some items have gem slots and these are gems that give upgrade boost to your weapon these are currently unobtainable but will be obtainable soon.
-We will slowly be introducing new items with custom abilities. We have been testing to make sure nothing is too broken and other custom armor and items will come into play later to help balance everything .
-These custom items will be unable to be enchanted on/repaired,smithed,mcmmo repaired, etc. Some legendary and mythical items will be allowed to do so. I know some items were obtained before this happened and I will be taking them away and replacing with the updated ones

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