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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: us.betterpvp.net

BetterPvP is an amazing 100 slot Australian Hardcore PvP Minecraft server filled with 100 custom plugins and hosted on a high-end Australian server.

PvP is oriented around our 5 Custom Classes, which are what we would like to call balanced, each class has its own armour set assigned, and can only be used to its full potential when the armour set matching the class is fully equipped.

Our classes are:

Assassin Leather armour
- High mobility
- High damage
- Relatively squishy, and will die quickly

Knight Iron Armour
- All rounder
- Can be high in damage output, or incredibly tanky

Gladiator Diamond Armour
- Extremely durable in all fights
- Reduced damage output
- Can provide benefits to nearby allies
- Heavy crowd control

Paladin Gold Armour
- High damage output, but can also be played as a support
- Crowd control
- Peel for allies

Ranger Chainmail Armour
- Peaks from long distances
- Reasonably tanky, compared to assassin
- Can easily change the outcome of a fight
- Provides support from further away

Warlock Netherite Armour
- Dark magic
- High damage output
- Debuffs enemies
- Mobile

As our form of land protection and grouping up with friends, we have a custom developed plugin called Clans, which allows you to claim land, create allies and enemies, and opens gateways to different types of raiding.

Types of raiding:
- Typical TNT raiding, however clans that are offline for over 30 minutes have TnT protection
- Pillaging, happens when your clan is extremely dominant over another, and gives you full access to all of the enemy clans land for 10 minutes.

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