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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: deadhorse.net

Deadhorse.net is a new anarchy server with no rules or limitations.
Created: 07/30/2020.
Version: 1.16.3
Server is running on i7 9900K so there is NO LAG! At least for now.

There is no queue so just start playing whenever you want.

Language of Chat: English, but any language is accepted.


Not much griefing to spawn yet, NOWs your chance to escape it

Full vanilla survival:
There is NO /tpa
There is NO /sethome or /home
ONLY COMMAND: /suicide

There is an anti cheat that prevents entity speed, flight, and movement hacks. Which should be understandable.

There are currently no known dupes on the Server, though if you were to find one, you will not be banned or penalized in any way

There is no Shop currently, however in the future there might be some cosmetics you can buy to support the servers growth.

There are player head drops as well as mob head drops. May be changed
- otherwise totally vanilla.

If a lag machine is found, the coords will be leaked so it can be destroyed by players. You will not be banned.