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Awesome features for builders and fighters, best of both!
Use Worldedit on your land, gain mystic powers and weapons, and face epic monsters!
-rpg leveling system grow WAY stronger
-Class system-guild system
-enchantments and abilities
-worldedit on your own claims
-Active team

Just look for me, Im on a lot!
The server just started, but is grow FAST!
Come play while I still have time to personally power you up!

Here is more stuff:
The Leveling System- All players start as a Level 1 Wanderer.
To level up, fight mobs!
- Battle exp is different than exp used for enchantments.
- Every time you level up, you gain an Attribute Point
- To spend attribute points, type /Attributes
- When you reach Level 10, you can Change Classes.
- To change classes, type /Class- Every time you change class, you begin at Level 1 again.
- Once you have changed classes, you will learn skills.- Every time you level up, you gain a Skill Point.
- To spend skill points and adjust skills, type a/Skills
- Enemies may seem challenging now, but as you level up,
- you will slowly grow stronger than all of them!
- Exploring The Wild Realms
- If you are the brave type, head to The Portal Room
- You can take a portal to one of the many strange worlds here...
- In the portal worlds, there are no restrictions at all.
- Once you get past the 200x200 safe spawn area, of course.
- When you explore the wild, you are on your own...

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