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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: coppersurfer.net

About us
Although Im Alone is a Minecraft server that closely adheres to five core principles: simplicity, modernity, pragmatism, player involvement, and freedom.

Rules and Vision
We give players the freedom to do what they desire, and deal with problems as they arise. We have these rules in place because sensible freedoms lead us to a server where the community rules, not griefers or staff.

Our rules are:
01. No griefing/raiding.

02. No malicious behavior towards players, or the server.

Although this second rule is non-specific, we trust most players understand its meaning. No hacks, cheats, lag machines, afk abuse, etc.

Additional Info
- No PaperMC. We try to appeal to technical Minecraft players and dont want vanilla behaviors/redstone to be changed or broken. We use Spigot with plans to use Fabric in the future.

- No teleports/warps.

- No land claims.

- 100 Vanilla economy.

- We hold regular community events that have unique prizes.

- The world has no plans to be reset, nor will the seed be given out.

- The server runs on dedicated hardware hosted in Dallas, USA.

- Bedrock players can also connect to the server. Use the same IP and 25566 as the port. On join, you are required to login with a valid Java account.

Discord: discord.gg/4gT4hmg

Dynamp: coppersurfer.net:8123

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