SunlessMC 1.12.2

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SunlessMC is a Multiverse server.
- Factions
- Survival
- Hardcore
- Creative
- SkyBlock
- Hungergames
- Bedwars
- Drug

Factions has CrazyEnchantments, CrazyEnvoys, AuctionHouse, MineableSpawners For donators only, ObsidianBreaker Break obsidian w/ TNT, MCMMO, and CratesReloaded!

Survival has everything Hardcore does Below but the LiteDeathBan Plugin! Also is self explainable.

Hardcore has LiteDeathBan which you will be banned if you lose all your lives. Dont worry, its only a temp ban based on how you die! PVP enabled! It also has AuctionHouse, MineableSpawners, CratesReloaded, MCMMO, LandLord, and ChestShop.

Creative has LandLord to claim your own land! Also is self explainable.

Skyblock has Auction House, MineableSpawners, MCMMO, CratesReloaded, and ChestShop. Also is self explainable.

Hungergames is self explainable.

Bedwars is self explainable

Drug is a Vanilla, Drug, Prison has /rankup /prestiege /cells /mines /drugs /police