Void Kingdom 1.18.2

Void Kingdom
408 Players have voted for this server in May.
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Top Voters

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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: voidkingdom.com

We are a server based around the idea of singleplayer survival but with friends. We appreciate the original game provided by Mojang but with the added security that comes with quality servers. This is TVK a place where you can build with friends without having to fear griefing, cheating or theft. The staff believes in a fair experience for all and the mindset of long-term preservation. Heck, we even have our original alpha and beta maps! We dont delete worlds, only archive them.

Here are some quick highlights:

- Skylands
- Towny
- Survival
- Chaos (no rules)
- Archived Worlds (only accessible by players who played on them)

No Player-to-Player Teleporting
- /home teleport provided
- /spawn teleport provided

- Equivalent Exchange
- Servershop
- Static Pricing

- We never delete old worlds
- Archived worlds are always accessible to players who built in them

- Every block is logged
- In instances of griefing, rollbacks are instant

Double Backups
- On-site backups
- Off-site remote backups

LWC Chest Locks

Discord Chat Mirrored In-Game

Livemap dynmap

Professionally Ran
- Owner is a Software Engineer
- Hosting since 2010s hMod

No Server Costs
- This means the server will continue to be ran at no cost for upkeep
- Guarantees long-term commitment of hosting

Connect IP: voidkingdom.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/voidkingdom
Discord: https://discord.gg/5nbu6EPnv5

Multiverse, dynmap, LogBlock, EpicWorldGenerator, WorldGuard, LWC