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KivCraft - Vanilla with Sprinkles!
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2023-09-13 15:49:40

fun and based. lots of work put in. small but chill community. join the discord to find players.


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.kivcraft.ca

KivCraft is semi-vanilla survival with world lore, quests and events, and soon even dungeons and random encounters.

Have you ever wished there was more to do in Minecraft, but many semi-vanilla servers go too far and completely change everything about the gameplay? We are a fun balance of both - a person could easily ignore all the RPG elements and just play a simple game of survival Minecraft... Or you can explore our ever-expanding lore, and try out the newly added quests system.

Quests expand on the lore of KivCraft and bring more storytelling elements to the server. To get started, right click the netherite block at spawn and Axara, the goddess of fortune and luck, will help you through the Beginner quest. After that, you can take small jobs from the apprentices at the votershop to earn "offerings". Offerings cannot be transferred between players. They can be used either as a toll to start other quests, or at the Pantheon - a hall of shrines to the deities that act as portals to their temples in the world, which are each located in a specific biome close to spawn. Need sand, and RTP just isn't bringing you to any deserts? Earn an offering and use it to visit the temple of the math goddess Noone, which is in the desert.

We are also a tight knit group, with an active Discord, and play a lot of other games together. We have community members of all ages and are LGBT+ owned. The server is located in the United States, up 24/7, and there is no application to join.

survival - no economy or landclaim plugins
started by players, for players!
caring, supportive staff
tight-knit, growing community
60k world border that will expand as the community grows
/sethome and /home
/rtp within the first 10k of spawn
/tpa requests to teleport to other players
/team to represent your group
/character to write your roleplay bio
sit on carpets and stairs!
griefing, raiding, PvP, or work together!
feature-rich Discord with 230+ members
TikTok, Twitter, and Tumblr that you can star on!

IP: mc.kivcraft.ca