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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: rozaypvp.com


IP: rozaypvp.com

Welcome to RozayPvP - Seasonal Payouts | We are a new Factions server looking to be as close to 1.8 factions as possible. We are always looking to improve and set bugs straight. We would love to have you on RozayPvP and we are currently looking for staff. Come on and apply and check out the server while your at it. Server features below:

F Top Prize Pool Reward USD | /f top

In-Game Ranks and Donor Ranks available | /ranks

Silk Spawners, Harvester Hoes, Sell Wands | Obtain from crates

Stackable Mobs/Spawners/Potions
In-Game Auction House and Shop | /ah /shop

Breakable Obsidian

10 Daily Vote Sites w/ Rewards and 2000 | /vote /voteall

King of the Hill Events/Envoy Events Daily | /warp pvp

Gen Bucket Shop | /genshop

Duel players in 8 Custom Arenas and/or place bets | /duel /1v1

Coin Flip for a chance to hit big | /cf Display Chat - i=item ,ec=enderchest ,inv=inventory | [i] [ec] [inv]

Sellable Player/Mob Heads and Bounty System | /bounty /sellhead

7 Different Crates Vote, Common, Rare, Enchanted, Mythical, Tag, and Money

In-Game Money Vouchers

1.8 Combat Mechanics

14 Player Kits - 6 Crate Kits, 2 Regular Kits, 6 Rank Kits | /kits

Battle Pass w/ Daily/Weekly Quests and a Tier Reward System | /bp

Custom Fishing | /warp fish /fish menu

Integrated Trade System | /trade [player]

List all warps GUI format | /warp

Flat End/Nether Claimable Water Enabled in Nether

Redesigned Tab Menu and Scoreboard Menu

Player Vaults for Every Member | /pv 1

In-Game Statistic Check | /stats [player] /lb /dlb

Checkable Playtime | /pt [player] /toppt

Rank-Up with In-Game Money | NON-P2W

Player Particles and Player Tags Cosmetics for Donors | /tags /pp

Random Teleportal At Spawn | /warp RTP

Discord Integration / In-Game Chat | /discord

Daily Vote Party Opportunity

Server Updated Daily New Features Added Weekly

Quick Support from Staff

Bugs are constantly being fixed and improved More will be added in the future, Thank you

factions, duels, koth, 18pvp, crates, more!