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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: theendermensociety.minecraft.best

We are a small but friendly community. Our server is a mostly non PVP only in designated areas, 1.17 java server heavily influenced by the popular HermitCraft server. Here at The Enderman Society, even tho the enderman are known to not like it when you look them in the eye, we give all our players a kind and friendly experience with a helpful staff team and players always there to help whenever needed!

The Enderman Society is a whitelisted server, meaning that the chances of getting griefers who would ruin your experience is lowered significantly, helping to keep the server as friendly as possible! If ever a troll slips through and enters the server, staff will remove them swiftly and your builds will be restored to how they were before the griefing ever took place!

Everyone is welcome, doesnt matter where you come from, who you are, what you do.. we just want you to be kind to everyone else just like everyone else is kind to you too!
On the server we have multiple different districts so that you have a guideline and feel like you are part of something bigger, a community! But theres also zones where you can be free and build whatever you wish!

These are our districts:

- Free Build
- Lost civilization
- Frozen Kingdom
- Medieval
- Aquatic
- Sci-Fi
- Floating Island
- Tree House
- Oriental
- Shopping District
- Gaming District
- Sand mining Desert Biome - so you can destroy the biome and take every last block of sand!


- We run our server on a i9 processor to ensure you experience next to no lag whilst adventuring or playing on our server!
- We have a dedicated team of admins and moderators from multiple different countries to help anyone with any issues they may have!
- An extremely caring and dedicated playerbase whos happy to help no matter what!
- A shopping district where you can open your own stores, with the main currency of the server being Diamonds
- A discord server connected to Minecraft chat so everyone can talk, if you are connected or not
- A overworld hub to teleport you through the whole map

- A small netherhub connected by tunnels to all the districts
- A dynamic map to show you where people are on a live map

Launch date is not available as for now since we are still setting up, but you can join us in Discord so we can have a chat and get to know each other!

Our Discord: discord.gg/dr7j9dKx

Dynmap, Essentials, CoreProtect, Whitelist