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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.ttmc.uk

**Welcome to TTMC!**
What to do?
Play Survival and build, survive and make friends!
Complete Quests!
PVP in /warp pvp!
Get a job!
Explore the world through Player Warps!
Browse the shop.
and so much more!

Or play Prisons!
Mine your way to freedom!
Rank up!
Battle and gear up your armour!
Design your cell and sell items!
Become the richest player in the whole Prison!
Hero, Ultra, Legend, Titan, Champion

Prison: Ultra, VIP, Supreme, Legend
Available at https://store.ttmc.uk/
Let's keep it short and sweet.
1) No swearing, racism, graphic, NSFW, rude, offensive or insensitive content.
2) No hacking, glitching, cheating or spamming.
3) No scamming, trapping or TP trapping.
4) No killing other players unless in a PVP arena or is agreed by both parties.
5) No self promotion or asking for staff.
6) No lag machines, griefing, inappropriate skins or builds.
7) No ban evading or IRL Trading.
Other general server rules apply. Do not try to outsmart staff or the system. Use common sense.
Need more help?
Ask a staff member and they'll be with you ASAP!
Welcome. and have fun!

Java IP: **play.ttmc.uk**
Bedrock IP: **** Bedrock Port: **25607**