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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: arenwoodmc.com:25623

Arenwood is a brand-new multi-world server! What does this mean for you? You will be able to play with your friends even when they may prefer a different style of gameplay from you. We have a PvP world, where you can claim and build and fight your friends and enemies and a Survival world, where you can claim and build and fight monsters, but PvP will be turned off. All worlds will share a single global chat, so you can talk to everyone, and more worlds will be added as time goes on! We are cross-play which means you can join our Java server on Bedrock with the IP: play.arenwoodmc.com Port: 25623. Java IP: arenwoodmc.com
Other awesome features:
- All worlds allow for grief-proof land claiming.
- We are a free to play server & all ranks are available with in-game money.
-Fight elite mobs, bosses, and dungeons by yourself or with your friends to earn special loot with custom enchants.
- Jobs are our primary source of income. You can also set up a chest shop, sell items to the Admin Shop, or through our auction house.
- You can do back on death in all worlds, but keep inventory is NOT on. On our PvP world, other players can pick up your items.
-Fly can be earned to use in all worlds.
-Learn special skills with MCMMO.
-Open Unicorn crates to get really fun gadgets & pets