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+ Minecraft 1.16.5 Servers Version

Rank Server IP Address
Silvermons is a non pay-to-win community-driven Pixelmon Reforged server for both casual and competitive players. The server has a unique gameplay experience with our custom...
Players Online: 10 / 100
Votes (May): 1488
Votes (all time): 16256

ATM 9 ✴ Direwolf 1.20 ✴ FTB Genesis ✴ FTB Skies ✴ Create Astral ✴ StoneBlock3 ✴ ATM 7 SkyBlock ✴ SevTech ✴ Ozone ✴ DD&SS ✴ Enigmatica and More ! -...
Players Online: 32 / 500
Votes (May): 588
Votes (all time): 17995

Hallowed Fantasy
Hallowed Fantasy is a competitive-based Pixelmon server, bringing you fierce Gym Battles, exciting weekly Tournaments, a friendly community, custom textured Pixelmon, weekly...
Players Online: 4 / 100
Votes (May): 265
Votes (all time): 100595

GRM Pixelmon
Welcome to GRM Pixelmon Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged This version of pixelmon runs on MINECRAFT 1.16.5! Modpack : How to Install / Joi...
Players Online: / 99
Votes (May): 175
Votes (all time): 162495

Apocalyptic Gaming
Apocalyptic Gaming Network(AGN) was founded in 2010, AGN is a multi-server modded/vanilla Minecraft network hosting 30+ servers. ### Features: - GriefPrevention (Custom ...
Players Online: 13 / 100
Votes (May): 164
Votes (all time): 14330

PokeBalta Turk Pixelmon
Sevgili PokeBalta ailesi! Sizi uzun bir bekleyişin ardından heyecan verici haberlerle buluşturmak için sabırsızlanıyoruz! Yepyeni sezonumuz kapıda ve getirdiğimi...
Players Online: 10 / 2024
Votes (May): 133
Votes (all time): 6200

Epic Adventures! Tensura is a modded server build around the Tensura mod (Based off the anime: That time i got reincarnated as a slime) We have ranks, crates, grind to wi...
Players Online: 2 / 100
Votes (May): 113
Votes (all time): 4156

Welcome To PokeVerse A PokeKhaan Craft 2 Server! The Server is updated following major updates with the mod pack developer. The Server is PvE Based with landclaims an...
Players Online: 4 / 200
Votes (May): 75
Votes (all time): 1441

Pixelmon Horizon
Dive into the world of Pokémon like never before on Pixelmon Horizon, an Australian-based server that offers an immersive and captivating Pixelmon experience. 🏞️ Ha...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (May): 52
Votes (all time): 1464



#10 us

NitroMon is a unique world within Pixelmon. Bringing Pokmon to Minecraft using the modpack Pixelmon Reforged. Using this pack we have poured our heart and soul into developi...
Players Online: / 30
Votes (May): 46
Votes (all time): 1288

All The Mods 6 by Crafter
Website: | Forum: Server address: Server Info: FTB Claims mod for base protection Economy - S...
Players Online: 2 / 60
Votes (May): 41
Votes (all time): 3964



#12 ca

Pixelmon Reforged: 9.1.10 Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 Website: Discord: Donate: Welcome t...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (May): 20
Votes (all time): 23708

This server uses the Pokehaan Craft 2 modpack on the curseforge launcher. This server has hundreds of Pokemon as well as Custom Gyms, Server and Player ran Shops, and Crates...
Players Online: / 96
Votes (May): 17
Votes (all time): 51

Bidoof Sanctuary
Bidoof Sanctuary! [1.16.5] Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 - Server IP: Are you tired of joining Pixelmon servers that promise to be non-pay-to-win...
Players Online: / 50
Votes (May): 17
Votes (all time): 457

Pixel Quest
Are you looking for a free to play game with no in-game pay to win purchases? Then Pixel Quest is perfect for those that want to join this newly created server! Those tha...
Players Online: 2 / 100
Votes (May): 15
Votes (all time): 31

MedFarming est un serveur survie Québécois qui inclus un système de quêtes et de rang qui sont utilisés pour obtenir divers avantages. Le serveur possède une économie...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (May): 14
Votes (all time): 15

Loko Survival Enhanced Su
Welcome to Loko Enchanced Survival. Where you can start quest and explore the big loko world. There are Public warps to get around and it is a great environment to start yo...
Players Online: / 3
Votes (May): 14
Votes (all time): 14

official Server for the One Piece Warfare server! This server mainly based on Mine Mine No Mi, Warfare, Factions and other QOL/Item additions. Technic pack here! https:...
Players Online: / 35
Votes (May): 8
Votes (all time): 2851



#19 us

-------- AsgardMC Network -------- A friendly quality server and active staff! Bring friends and start a creation on this server! Enter the discord server to make new frie...
Players Online: 1 / 100
Votes (May): 7
Votes (all time): 19

LPIB Pixelmon
Embark on a Legendary Pixelmon Adventure! Welcome to the LPIB Pixelmon server, where the Pokémon world comes to life in a breathtaking 16,000 by 16,000 block custom map....
Players Online: / 250
Votes (May): 6
Votes (all time): 124