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Minecraft Server icon for WrathPvP Network


WrathPvP Network

Factions | SkyWars | HCF | KitPvP | Creative | Skyblock | King Of The Hill | Dropzones | Active Staff | Amazing Community | Dedicated Hosting | 24/7 ONLINE | More Coming Soon
Version: 1.8 Survival Lucky Block Skyblock Factions Hunger Games CTF McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy
WrathPvP Network


Players: 65 / 66
Votes (August): 4967
Votes (all time): 94208

Minecraft Server icon for Project Mayhem - Join The Mayhem


Project Mayhem - Join The Mayhem

Project Mayhem is an awesome server with custom and unique gamemodes that are updated daily. With appearances from ASFJerome, Vikkstar123, PrestonPlayz, and many other youtub
Version: 1.8 Survival Hunger Games KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy
Project Mayhem - Join The Mayhem


Players: 135 / 1000
Votes (August): 4899
Votes (all time): 33719

Minecraft Server icon for Daegonner



Factions | Anti Forcefield | mcMMO | InstaSoup | Raiding | Crystals | Mob Arena | Auctions | Drop Zones | Anti Lootsteal | Tokens | Crates | Obsidian Destroyer | Last Man Sta
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 36 / 500
Votes (August): 4884
Votes (all time): 263978

Minecraft Server icon for Rising Heroes


Rising Heroes

Rising Heroes is the largest single Factions PvP server in the world! We are one of the newer servers too, as we had initially started in the beginning of 2014.Our server has
Version: 1.8 Factions McMMO PVP RP Economy
Rising Heroes


Players: 201 / 1000
Votes (August): 4659
Votes (all time): 30061

Minecraft Server icon for ShockNetwork



We have a ton of custom games and plugins including the author of Factions, a custom Invasion game, 101 challenges on Skyblock, and tons others! Were a small group of frie
Version: 1.8 Skyblock Factions McMMO MiniGames PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 89 / 600
Votes (August): 4505
Votes (all time): 58889

Minecraft Server icon for Supreme Prison


Supreme Prison

Supreme Prison: 1. Small Community But Big Family 2. All Spawns Made Personaly 3. Staff That Cares For you and your needs 4. Owners Who Understand What you Need
Version: 1.8.7 Survival Prison PVE PVP
Supreme Prison


Players: 49 / 250
Votes (August): 4502
Votes (all time): 44590

Minecraft Server icon for Minelife



Welcome to Minelife! We are an incredible hub server located in Denmark containing every game type you could ever want! We currently offer the following: - Factions - Surviva
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 170 / 500
Votes (August): 4437
Votes (all time): 15418

Minecraft Server icon for BananaPrison - Super OP!


BananaPrison - Super OP!

This is a fast paced Op Prison server! You will find the enchants are super high, money is flowing, and its non-stop fun! We offer great rewards for voting as well! You get 1
Version: 1.8.7 Survival PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 31 / 150
Votes (August): 4364
Votes (all time): 18329

Minecraft Server icon for ★ BRAWL ★



CALL OF DUTY - DAYZ - MARIO PARTY - SURVIVAL GAMES Brawl is an extensive Minecraft community which offers a wide variety of entertaining and unique server gamemodes. Brawl g
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Hunger Games KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames PVP RP Video


Players: 979 / 4667
Votes (August): 4348
Votes (all time): 61384

Minecraft Server icon for MomentoNetwork



Looking for a new home Somewhere with plenty of options to keep you entertained Moment Network is waiting! Rapidly growing, always expanding, and full of new things to explor
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO MiniGames Prison PVP Economy


Players: 62 / 500
Votes (August): 4309
Votes (all time): 61250

Minecraft Server icon for Unleashed MC


Unleashed MC

A new generation prison server with over 15 custom plugins! We have tons of PvP opportunities, and amazing builds! Come join use and have the best time of your MC lives!
Version: 1.8.8 Survival PVE PVP Economy


Players: 76 / 250
Votes (August): 4188
Votes (all time): 11619

Minecraft Server icon for AEM Network


AEM Network

Skyblock | KitPvP | COD:Zombies | Factions | Skygrid | Skywars | SurvivalGames | Prison | Towny Survival | Creative | QuakeCraft Welcome to the AEM Network, we have types
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions CTF McMMO MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy Video
AEM Network


Players: 79 / 1000
Votes (August): 4164
Votes (all time): 415758

Minecraft Server icon for ★ PIXELPRISON ★



We are a brand new Prison Server, We have a great community playerbase. We listen to player suggestions and take action, We constantly strive to improve our server. SERVE
Version: 1.8.8 Survival KitPvP MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 23 / 300
Votes (August): 4147
Votes (all time): 92121



PvPingMC Is a very new dedicated server. Looking for players to enjoy our custom gamemodes we have to offer. We Have DDos Protection To make sure our players are on a clean a
Version: 1.7.9 Factions McMMO KitPvP RP Economy


Players: 41 / 750
Votes (August): 4136
Votes (all time): 5626



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Version: 1.8 Survival Factions PVP Video


Players: 14 / 750
Votes (August): 4031
Votes (all time): 9742



MineSuperior is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all.
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO MiniGames Prison


Players: 111 / 250
Votes (August): 3980
Votes (all time): 9039

Minecraft Server icon for RandomCraft



✔ PvP ✔ 24/7 ✔ NoLagg ✔ Factions ✔ Creative ✔ SkyWars ✔ Economy ✔ Auctions ✔ Survival Games ✔ SkyBlock ✔ McMMO ✔ Pixelmon ✔ Hide n Seek ✔ Prison
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO Survival Games MiniGames Pixelmon Prison PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 498 / 499
Votes (August): 3975
Votes (all time): 76893

Minecraft Server icon for DaedricGaming OP


DaedricGaming OP

Daedric Gaming is the ultimate player against player experience, the ultimate big-boy league... A place to make a name for yourself. But dont worry! You dont have to constant
Version: 1.8 Survival Factions PVP Economy
DaedricGaming OP


Players: 40 / 350
Votes (August): 3884
Votes (all time): 26726

Minecraft Server icon for ░▒▓ ~ | The Lord of the Craft | ~ ▓▒░


░▒▓ ~ | The Lord of the Craft | ~ ▓▒░

The Lord of the Craft is a Pure Minecraft RP Roleplaying server, easily clocking 200200 players at peak times! This is our second map, the ancient lore is found on our we
Version: 1.8.7 Survival PVE PVP RP Economy Video
░▒▓ ~ | The Lord of the Craft | ~ ▓▒░


Players: 69 / 300
Votes (August): 3770
Votes (all time): 27282

Minecraft Server icon for GrandTheftMinecart - GTA in MineCraft!


GrandTheftMinecart - GTA in MineCraft!

Coming Soon @ grandtheftmc.net Join Now! IP: mc-gtm.net GTMC is one of the first servers that offers the full GTA-styled gameplay! We have a lot of features to make the g
Version: 1.8 Survival Adventure PVP RP Economy
GrandTheftMinecart - GTA in MineCraft!


Players: 90 / 500
Votes (August): 3758
Votes (all time): 32193

Minecraft Server icon for RebootMC



RebootMC is a unique Semi-OP Factions PvP server offering an amazing PvP experience. Based off how the community wants to play Factions and their suggestions.
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO KitPvP PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 46 / 150
Votes (August): 3737
Votes (all time): 11101

Minecraft Server icon for MiragePvP



Factions ✓ Pvp ✓ Mcmmo ✓ Raiding ✓ Just Reset! ✓ 32 GB Ram ✓ 4.5 Ghz CPU ✓ 50 Percent Off ✓ PvP Events ✓ Custom Plugins ✓ PvP Enhancers ✓ Coming Soon -
Version: 1.8 Survival Adventure Factions McMMO KitPvP PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 15 / 225
Votes (August): 3673
Votes (all time): 36671

Minecraft Server icon for CraftGasm Network


CraftGasm Network

- Factions - Creative - Skyblock - Skywars - Vanilla - Prison - KitPVP - CraftGasm is a completely custom developed server tuned to the player experience. With unique featu
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions CTF McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy
CraftGasm Network


Players: 55 / 1000
Votes (August): 3666
Votes (all time): 31791

Minecraft Server icon for Emporior



Server deion: | Emporior is a Global Community Network | | What do we offer | Our network consist out of many servers such as: - Factions - Prison - Survival - M
Version: 1.8 Survival Lucky Block Skyblock Factions Hunger Games CTF McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 166 / 300
Votes (August): 3662
Votes (all time): 38255

Minecraft Server icon for Empire Minecraft


Empire Minecraft

Empire Minecraft is a survival server with a very unique town, wild and economy system. Each player in gets their a 60x60 protected residence in our very organized town world
Version: 1.8 Survival PVE Economy Video


Players: 142 / 1000
Votes (August): 3635
Votes (all time): 63925

Minecraft Server icon for Poke-Planet Pixelmon


Poke-Planet Pixelmon

Poke-Planet Pixelmon is a survival Pixelmon server with tons of great features. We have custom plugins, great staff, and many dedicated players to make your experience the b
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Adventure Pixelmon Economy
Poke-Planet Pixelmon


Players: 24 / 75
Votes (August): 3425
Votes (all time): 48914

Minecraft Server icon for Blocked Up Network


Blocked Up Network

Blocked Up Network Forums: http://blockedup.net Teamspeak: ts.blockedup.net Friendly community, custom features, Factions, PvP, mcMMO, Prison, and more!
Version: 1.8 Survival Factions McMMO Prison PVP Economy Video


Players: 36 / 1000
Votes (August): 3411
Votes (all time): 62039

Minecraft Server icon for HeroicMC



HeroicMC is an OP prison server with many never-before-seen features. We have a custom enchantment system that introduces many new enchants, purchasable with “Tokens”. We
Version: 1.8 Survival McMMO PVP Economy


Players: 27 / 1
Votes (August): 3389
Votes (all time): 45906



best server eu. plugins : factions,mcmmo,auction,custom crates,featherboard,voteparty at 90 votes It has a friendly community and friendly staff :P
Version: 1.8.3 Factions McMMO


Players: 74 / 200
Votes (August): 3372
Votes (all time): 5509

Minecraft Server icon for Shadowblockz



Shadowblockz is a Minecraft Network providing a variety of different gamemodes for users to enjoy! Currently on the network: Factions Towny Skyblock Creative KitPVP
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions CTF McMMO KitPvP MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 104 / 500
Votes (August): 3367
Votes (all time): 51197


MCW Network

1.8 | 24/7 | Factions | OP-Factions | GTA | Prison | KitPvP | Survival | SkyBlock | SkyWars | HungerGames | Annihilation | HideSeek | AcidIsland| NoLagg | PvP/Raiding We a
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions Hunger Games McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy
MCW Network


Players: 572 / 1000
Votes (August): 3366
Votes (all time): 5140


Survival Skyblock

Survival Skyblock is a Survival based Skyblock server! We have many things to do such as Challenges, Mini Games, and to have an awesome Skyblock experience. We have helpful s
Version: 1.8.7 Survival Land Claim Skyblock Economy Video


Players: 30 / 250
Votes (August): 3349
Votes (all time): 7841

Minecraft Server icon for RekoNation Factions


RekoNation Factions

Hey! Welcome to RekoNations MCSL Page. I would like to tell you what we offer, so heres a list! • 1.7 Cannoning • 1.5 Potions Nerfed • Custom Plugins Factions, Vot
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy
RekoNation Factions


Players: 13 / 250
Votes (August): 3345
Votes (all time): 4700

Minecraft Server icon for Imperial Networks


Imperial Networks

Imperial Networks previously called Swag-Craft is a massive 800+ player average Minecraft Network. Consisting of Factions, Survival Games, Creative, Skyblock Prison, Towny, a
Version: 1.8 Survival KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison RP Video
Imperial Networks


Players: 226 / 1738
Votes (August): 3340
Votes (all time): 92601

Minecraft Server icon for Planet Skyblock


Planet Skyblock

Planet Skyblock is an economy based Skyblock server! We have many things to do such as Challenges, Mini Games, and to have an awesome Skyblock experience. We have helpful sta
Version: 1.8.7 Survival Skyblock PVP Economy


Players: 45 / 250
Votes (August): 3262
Votes (all time): 45339

Minecraft Server icon for ★ VenomPvP ★


★ VenomPvP ★

Server has just RESET! Hello, and welcome to the dashboard of VenomPvP. Now, I know you may all be thinking why you should join here. Well, Im here to give you some informa
Version: 1.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVP
★ VenomPvP ★


Players: / 300
Votes (August): 3239
Votes (all time): 53571

Minecraft Server icon for │♦║ » Union MC « ║♦│


│♦║ » Union MC « ║♦│

Union MC is a new OP-Prison server where we strive to bring you the best experience possible. The server features 26 A-Z ranks which can be progressed through. You can also p
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock McMMO Prison PVE PVP RP Economy Video
│♦║ » Union MC « ║♦│


Players: 20 / 500
Votes (August): 3228
Votes (all time): 29274

Minecraft Server icon for ‹✦ GunColony ✦›


‹✦ GunColony ✦›

Weߴre a mini-game server focused on guns. No mods needed! Not only 3D guns, our custom recoil system can simulate games like CS:GO, join the server to see how it works!
Version: 1.8.3 MiniGames PVE PVP Economy
‹✦ GunColony ✦›


Players: 21 / 80
Votes (August): 3204
Votes (all time): 3445

Minecraft Server icon for MineCats



1.8 Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, SkyGrid, Left2Die PropHunt, PaintBall, Parkour, Hunger Games Over 100 Parkour mini-games on SkyBlock! Amazing Maps on Left2Die! RolePlay
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock McMMO MiniGames PVE PVP RP


Players: 245 / 700
Votes (August): 3193
Votes (all time): 53270

Minecraft Server icon for JustPVP



Why not come and start your Minecraft adventure at TNTCraft We have it all sorted for you! Running Factions, ObsidianDestroyer, MobArena and plenty of custom plugins
Version: JustSpigot 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 52 / 300
Votes (August): 3173
Votes (all time): 120313