FAQ Minecraft Server List - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Minecraft-Server-List.com?

The website Minecraft-Server-List.com is a service to form a bridge between public Minecraft Servers and Minecraft players. When a player wants to play online against others, a Minecraft Server is needed.
On the website Minecraft-Server-List.com you are able to view Server Title, Server Description, Server IP, Server Port, Votes on the server, date for submission, country.
Other options for server owners can include: Youtube video, link to server website, Minequery, Votifier, comments.
Minecraft-Server-List.com will ping each server often and only show the Servers which is online right now.

Who represents the Minecraft-server-list.com?

There is only one person behind this list – I go under the in game name (IGN) of Claush – If anyone else joins your server and claims they represent or work for this website, it is a lie and you can kick them.

How do I add my Server to Minecraft-Server-List.com?

Simply sign up for a free account. You will need to enter a valid Minecraft IGN (in game name) and a valid e-mail. Once registered an e-mail will be sent to you with an validation link. You need to click that link to verify the e-mail on this site.

When logged in, simply click on Add Server from the menu and enter your server details.

Someone else submitted my Server – how do I reclaim it?

You will need to change your MOTD (message of the day) to: Username owns this MC Server – replace Username with your login name to this website. Then send me an e-mail with the following information attatched:
– Your username + e-mail on Minecraft-server-list.com
– Link to the submission on this website that was submitted by someone else.

I will then go check if the MOTD is set to the actual owners name and move the server to the correct owner.
After the userchange, you can again change your MOTD to what you want.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail after signup

We urge you to check your spam folder first and be sure to wait at least a few hours after you register . the e-mail might just be delayed.
If you still do not receive the confirmation e-mail, you can try and reset the password – this will again send you an e-mail to verify. This process will at the same time confirm your e-mail while you can set a fresh password.
If it still fails, please try from another e-mail.

I cannot add my server . error when submitting.

Your server needs to be online to add it.
It can be hard to say what.s wrong depending on the actual error you get . most times it will be because your router/firewall is blocking the port you have setup the server to run on. Go read about Port Forwarding to open your port and try submitting it again.

Why is my server is getting deleted from the list?

You are breaking the rules somehow . you need to consider a deletion as a warning and you need to make a better submission and read our Terms of Use carefully. If you keep breaking the rules, we will ban the server from future submissions.

My server is blocked from submitting due to spamming?

Servers that keep breaking our Terms of Use or the simple rules for (title, description) will be blocked with a ban. If you still try to get your server on the list (eg. new dns etc.) we will also block your personal IP for visiting this website.

We also block some free hosting providers and highly recommend you get a proper hosting solution.

Can my server be unbanned, so I can submit it again?

Be sure to include all your details if you request to be unbanned – We need server name, ip, port, username and all potential DNS you have in use. If this is not included we will not take the time to look at it.

With that info, you can contact Minecraft-Server-List.com and explain what you did wrong – and that you understand that breaking the rules will not be tolerated again.
With this info, we might lift a ban, but there is no guarantee – every case is different – be sure to read the Terms of Use carefully before contacting us.

Why did I lose my votes?

We reset votes every month to keep the Popular Minecraft Servers fresh and relevant. There is no meaning in listing servers that were great half a year ago . a lot can happened in the realm of Minecraft ..
We also manually adjust votes if we detect cheating . in special cases we also place block/ban on servers that misuse or try to gain an unfair advantage (use of proxy, fake IGN names etc.)

What is Votifier?

Votifier allows for vote integration between Minecraft-Server-List.com and the actual server. When you vote for a server on this website with Votifier enabled, it will send a package to the server that can then print a message for all on the server – some servers also give diamonds, gold etc. automatically if you vote . Be sure to be online on the server when you vote. This also makes it possible for the server owner to track who voted.
Minecraft-server-list.com will also list the names of the players who vote today.

Can I use more votifier on more servers?

No, votes on this site must come from players actually playing on the given server – this means you cannot get players on one of your servers to vote for another server you have. Getting caught in boosting votes in any way can result in MCSL will disable your ability to receive votes forward.

Can I set my server offline, without it getting deleted from Minecraft-server-list.com?

Yes you can . though not more than 7-10 days. After that we remove from the database. Featured servers will have more time to remain offline (around 30 days) before we remove it. If your featured server was removed and you reactivated it, just contact us and we will add the amount again.

My server is online, but the Minecraft-server-list.com shows it Offline

Depending on the duration your server has been offline (look at last ping time), it can take a little while before we ping it again.
The longer your server has been offline, the further apart we ping it to check if it is back.
You will always be able to make a Manual Ping from your dashboard if you want the list to update right away.
It might also be related to Cloudflare and other proxy services you might use. Be sure to allow IP in Cloudflare etc. so we can ping your server.

I see other servers abusing the Terms of Use

Please do report them, to improve the overall quality of the Server List. We have quite a few automatic and manual procedures to catch and stop people abusing the site, but we need your help to identify them in the first place.
Please contact us with all the information you can gather. We take every report like this seriously and will look into it.

How do I change my password?

Logout and go to the Request new password page. Enter your e-mail and verify by clicking the link in the e-mail we will send to you. This link will take you to a page where you can enter a new password for your account on this website.

My Server Icon is not showing?

Make sure you have uploaded a 64*64px png image and name it server-icon.png – it should be placed in same directory as your Server.Properties file..

Make sure you use an optimized picture that is no bigger than 35kb in size – anything above that will not be shown on this site to reduce load speed.

Updating a server

You can at any time make updates to your server, but only update if there is something to actually inform about. Clicking update just to be on the Recently Updated page will get your account suspended.

Deleting / Re-adding a server

If you have a good reason for needing to delete and re-add a server once, you can do so. Just notice there is a 5 day quarantine after you delete a server.
Trying to constantly delete and re-add a server is not allowed and if we notice it happening to much, just to try bump on the New Servers page, we will be forced to deactivate the server from posting again.

The New Servers page was created for the actual new Minecraft servers being listed on the site.

Title / Servername

This field is only meant to be used for the actual Server Name, nothing else!
It is not meant to be used for plugins, gameplay, search of staff, version number etc. – if you find your server title being reset it is a friendly correction from the MCSL staff. If you continue to edit it back with plugins/gameplay type we will deactivate the user without further notice.

Need a valid playername for Voting

If you experience the error while voting for a server, it means we could not validate your playername at Mojang as a valid (purchased) account. We only accept valid accounts to vote for servers.
If you know that your have a valid account, but still get the error, then send us an email with your playername and we will try fix the issue.

What is the best Minecraft Server in 2023?

Determining the absolute best Minecraft Server in 2023 is subjective and dependent on individual preferences within the gaming community. Our website offers various metrics to evaluate server quality, including an all-time leaderboard and a monthly leaderboard based on the number of votes received from loyal supporters. These metrics can provide valuable insight into the popularity and community engagement of each server.

I did not find an answer to my question in this FAQ

Ok then, go to our contact page and fill out the form. We will respond to it if it is relevant.
You can also use my dedicated Minecraft Help page where everyone is able to ask questions and deliver answers.