Minecraft Semi Vanilla Servers

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SemiVanilla servers are created using Bukkit/Spigot jars, and may have very limited plugin use.

Allowed plugins include

  • Essentials commands (/spawn, /sethome, /home, /vote, /rules, /list, /ping, /ignore, /helpop),
  • Anti-grief plugins (GriefPrevention, CoreProtect, PotionProtect, Reporter, WorldGuard/WorldEdit),
  • Voting plugins (Votifier, GAListener, etc.),
  • Lag-reducing plugins (ClearLagg).
All default Vanilla features are allowed.

Wrappers to allow for chat commands like .home, .spawn, etc. are allowed. Chat plugins (/ignore, chat filters) may be used. Plugins that change the playercount, scoreboards, or player list may not be used.
Any other plugins that are used may not affect gameplay for regular players. The non-native plugin features available to players are limited only to integral commands. Semi-Vanilla servers rely on command blocks to do everything else. These servers do not have economy, multi-world, or minigame plugins.

So, if you are looking for a minecraft server so close to vanilla as possible, but have the option to protect your home and get back home easy, then look in the list down below.
If you are looking for the pure Vanilla servers without any modifications at all, then check out the clean Vanilla category.

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Server name & Description IP Address & Port
Minecraft Server icon for Safe Survival


Safe Survival

Safe Survival

Now updated to 1.11! Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We offer a quick start to play survival and run a super optimized server so theres never any lag. We
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 52 / 200
Votes (March): 10225
Votes (all time): 305410

Minecraft Server icon for MinePurist Survival


MinePurist Survival

MinePurist Survival

As vanilla as possible with minimal lag. Server Reset for 1.11 on 11/27/2016 No claims. No grief protection. This is pure survival, vanilla style. We also have conveniences
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP


Players: 16 / 100
Votes (March): 1538
Votes (all time): 55178

Minecraft Server icon for TheCloudSemi




IP: ENDERMAN.BIZ // SEMI-VANILLA // TPA-ADDED! TheCloudSemi-Vanilla Features: ✓ Hardmode Difficulty ✓ Greifing Protection ✓ Villager Market ✓ Gold Currency
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 6 / 151
Votes (March): 1061
Votes (all time): 44003

Minecraft Server icon for DestinyMC




A simple Semi-Vanilla server with numerous unique features like Command Block-Powered Shops, Minigames, Play-to-win and Player-to-Player Teleportation! We are dedicated to m
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 9 / 100
Votes (March): 915
Votes (all time): 18286


New Solace:Dragonstone

New Solace:Dragonstone

Forget everything you know about Survival. We are pushing Vanilla Minecraft to the limit with command blocks to create an MMO-style experience! Custom Races, Mobs, Classes, E
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP RP


Players: 2 / 100
Votes (March): 848
Votes (all time): 1529

Minecraft Server icon for Terminal




Our goal is to be the best damn semi-vanilla server our there. Maximum Dungeons!|Double Ores!|Grief Protection!|Boss battles! We have all the grief protection players need
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP Video


Players: 3 / 56
Votes (March): 731
Votes (all time): 16195


Simple Survival

Simple Survival

We are a Semi Vanilla server that does the best at making it easy for you to start playing survival. We run on a high quality dedicated server for the best player experience.
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE


Players: 1 / 32
Votes (March): 574
Votes (all time): 574


Simple Survival

Simple Survival

SimpleSurvival.eu is about reclaiming the original community-oriented legacy of minecraft multiplayer. There is GriefPrevention, but no large factions, no mcmmo, no confusing
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE Video


Players: 4 / 45
Votes (March): 482
Votes (all time): 619

Minecraft Server icon for MineCraft_Gallifrey




MineCraft_Gallifrey Server is a family friendly, semi-vanilla server run by Owner Pinkelephant1112, and her amazing, friendly staff! Gallifrey has been going for about 3 year
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP

Players: 5 / 96
Votes (March): 449
Votes (all time): 16472

Minecraft Server icon for KIDlessCraft




After being staff on a few different servers, we honestly got a little tired of the kids. So we decided to make a server for our admin friends and more experienced player to
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim Whitelist PVE PVP

Players: 2 / 96
Votes (March): 410
Votes (all time): 3930



Were a small vanilla-minded survival server, and nature-themed! Builds should emphasize nature over the structure itself. - Hard 1.11.2 survival map, mostly unexplored!
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE


Players: 1 / 30
Votes (March): 381
Votes (all time): 668

Minecraft Server icon for MinecraftOnline




True Survival, Without the Grief. Home of Freedonia - the oldest Minecraft SMP world online! MinecraftOnline is a free-build server with zero tolerance to grief. This
Version: 1.7.10 Semi Vanilla PVE PVP Video


Players: 7 / 120
Votes (March): 336
Votes (all time): 5873


Viibe MC

Viibe MC

Vanilla server with home and teleport commands running on spigot to eliminate lag. Hope you enjoy! We have a great staff and community. We host bi-weekly UHC events as well!
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla MiniGames PVE PVP


Players: 2 / 50
Votes (March): 287
Votes (all time): 351


★ Exploria ★

★ Exploria ★

Hello, and welcome to Exploria! Exploria is a family friendly and unique semi-survival. We like to say that our server is how Minecraft is meant to be played. We offer unique
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE RP Video


Players: / 30
Votes (March): 265
Votes (all time): 554

Minecraft Server icon for Phoenica Survival - Griefing and Raiding


Phoenica Survival - Griefing and Raiding

Phoenica Survival - Griefing and Raiding

Weekly updates, now with parkour, spleef, and a casino! Community is our primary concern. We offer players with the ability to practice free speech in an open, mature environ
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP


Players: 7 / 40
Votes (March): 232
Votes (all time): 4030


AlphaCrafters SMP

Welcome to AlphaCrafters! We are a mostly Vanilla 1.11.2 Survival server. We are constantly striving to maintain the best server quality possible. We aim to create an enha
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Video


Players: 5 / 50
Votes (March): 206
Votes (all time): 206

Minecraft Server icon for MOO CRAFT




IP: moocraftpvp.beastmc.com Server Deion: MOO-CRAFT centres around pvp and legit survival. We have a simple spawn that allows people to easily get to the pvp quickly. We
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP


Players: 5 / 60
Votes (March): 204
Votes (all time): 14979




Family-friendly server that is all about playing in survival with many other players. Gain McMMO levels and collect experience to rank up! Sell your items in a player-owned s
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP Economy


Players: 3 / 120
Votes (March): 189
Votes (all time): 189


Sneetopia: Survival Community Server

Sneetopia: Survival Community Server

Semi-Vanilla Survival Server. Community driven server with a few additional features: - In Game Currency and Trading - Custom Player owned Villagers - Region Control No h
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP Economy


Players: / 48
Votes (March): 144
Votes (all time): 198

Minecraft Server icon for RoyalSkyblock



- Enjoy skyblock You should check out our server! We have many things to offer such as MCMMO, Leaderheads, customenchants and more!! IP: RoyalSkyblock.net
Version: 1.11 Semi Vanilla Skyblock McMMO


Players: 2 / 84
Votes (March): 140
Votes (all time): 140

Minecraft Server icon for Mirai



Deutschsprachiger Server - German speaking only Wenn du eine nette Gemeinschaft suchst, dich aktiv an Projekten beteiligen möchtest und auf der Suche nach einem Server bi
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP Video


Players: 6 / 75
Votes (March): 130
Votes (all time): 3908


Xaskuenope Semi-Vanilla 1.11.2

PG and Friendly community, with fantastic staff, and gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, with rules being enforced and mini-activities to do if you get bored from playing good
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim

Players: 4 / 48
Votes (March): 122
Votes (all time): 177

Minecraft Server icon for Temporal Realms


Temporal Realms

Temporal Realms

Enter the Temporal Realms for a new minecraft experience. On an ever updating server that ventures a New Realm every season. This season, we have entered the realm of Star
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP

Players: 1 / 60
Votes (March): 108
Votes (all time): 2000



Come to Qeynos for a fresh, fun, free and fair experience. Raiding and griefing/pvp allowed. The pure, semi-vanilla experiance youve been searching for. And the answer is
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVP


Players: / 40
Votes (March): 85
Votes (all time): 105

Minecraft Server icon for Nocoords




nocoords.com is a pure emergent sandbox with minimal moderation. There are no commands, no land claims, no sethome, no teleportation. The world is infinite and never resets.
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP


Players: 11 / 50
Votes (March): 71
Votes (all time): 1495

Minecraft Server icon for Pandora Craft


Pandora Craft

Pandora Craft

Welcome to PandoraCraft. Our server is player orientated and we aim to keep our gamers happy and having fun! We have a zero tolerance policy for hacking, griefing, and gener
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: / 25
Votes (March): 62
Votes (all time): 755


Mars Gaming

Mars Gaming

Welcome to Mars Gaming! We aim to give you an awesome Towny experience with plugins optimized to give you a great time! Our staff try to always help you with whatever you may
Version: 1.11 Semi Vanilla McMMO Economy


Players: / 40
Votes (March): 58
Votes (all time): 182

Minecraft Server icon for Workbench




Workbench is a simple survival server designed to showcase survival Minecraft as its meant to be, simple and intuitive. We keep the game straightforward and do not try confus
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 2 / 30
Votes (March): 55
Votes (all time): 137



Open Beta! Free permanent VIP membership for participants upon completion. All rewards earnable through playtime. Earn bonus plots through playtime. Reinvented Dragon f
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE PVP Economy


Players: 2 / 2000
Votes (March): 49
Votes (all time): 49



Welcome to MC150! Our goal is to bring more people onto our server who want to play Minecraft the way it was meant to be played, with just a few extra plugins to make it more
Version: 1.11 Semi Vanilla McMMO PVP


Players: 1 / 150
Votes (March): 44
Votes (all time): 52


Krimson Kingdom

Krimson Kingdom is a new, community based server that features semi vanilla survival and creative. Come explore our beautiful medieval spawn and meet our friendly staff!
Version: 1.11 Semi Vanilla


Players: / 20
Votes (March): 42
Votes (all time): 42



Were a survival, community, server that strives to make your next home. Our staff are experienced and will always look to maintain your wish to be here. Currently we are look
Version: 1.11 Survival Creative Semi Vanilla Skyblock McMMO MiniGames PVE Economy


Players: 4 / 20
Votes (March): 38
Votes (all time): 38



ApneaCraft is a Semi-Vanilla / Survival server where the main goal is to survive, we have a professional staff team that are mature and active on the server, we also have sev
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim


Players: 2 / 30
Votes (March): 37
Votes (all time): 37


Practical Survival

Practical Survival

Hydration Is Essential For Survival! Bleeding Is A Thing, And Animals May Get Pissed When Stricken! Click To See Further How We Make Classic Survival Gameplay More Practical!
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla


Players: / 60
Votes (March): 36
Votes (all time): 62


Server Without A Name: 1.11.2 Semi-Vanilla Survival

Server Without A Name: 1.11.2 Semi-Vanilla Survival

Server Without A Name or SWAN is a 1.11.2 semi-vanilla survival server. It has no world border and is newly generated. We are looking to create a family friendly community wh
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE


Players: / 54
Votes (March): 30
Votes (all time): 236


Pixel Origins

Pixel Origins

Pixel Origins is basically a regular survival server where we provide anti-griefing protections. Along with this we provide a whole bunch of extras that will make your experi
Version: 1.11 Semi Vanilla


Players: 1 / 100
Votes (March): 29
Votes (all time): 328

Minecraft Server icon for Spinalcraft




Spinalcraft is a great survival server with a small but awesome community! We are semi-vanilla with very few game-altering plugins, but we have a couple to protect people fro
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Whitelist PVP Video


Players: 1 / 100
Votes (March): 24
Votes (all time): 4577


Open Isles

Open Isles is a FRESH server run by a team of active staff. We currently offer the following game modes, SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, with keep inventory on and anti griefing. A very
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla

Players: / 52
Votes (March): 23
Votes (all time): 23


The Wild West

The Wild West

Howdy Partner! Join us for a survival experience unlike any youve had before. Survive in the Wild West by collecting items to sell to traders in town in a limited crafting e
Version: 1.11 Survival Adventure Semi Vanilla PVE PVP Economy


Players: / 60
Votes (March): 23
Votes (all time): 32

Minecraft Server icon for Echo Network


Echo Network

RPG [Heroes] - SkyBlock - DrugCraft - Towny. Enjoy as you walk around our well built lobby. Upgrade, Fight and conquer in our RPG Heroes server! Become a SkyBlock addict. Or
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim Skyblock McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: / 100
Votes (March): 21
Votes (all time): 21