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Minecraft Server icon for UnleashedMC



A new generation prison server with over 15 custom plugins! We have tons of PvP opportunities, and amazing builds! Come join use and have the best time of your MC lives!
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9 Survival PVE PVP Economy


Players: 8 / 500
Votes (May): 745
Votes (all time): 66887

Minecraft Server icon for DaedricGaming OP


DaedricGaming OP

DaedricGaming OP

Daedric Gaming is the ultimate player against player experience, the ultimate big-boy league... A place to make a name for yourself. But dont worry! You dont have to constant
Version: 1.9 Survival Factions PVP Economy


Players: 16 / 17
Votes (May): 745
Votes (all time): 39705


Samistine Plotme

Samistine Plotme

Creative features 2 included 64x64 plots, with worldedit enabled. You also get 1 plot in the Nether, /warp nether Links: Home: samistine.com Forums: forums.samistine.co
Version: 1.9 Creative


Players: / 100
Votes (May): 738
Votes (all time): 54838


Craftworld PVP Cracked 247 Vote!

A great server with great staff join now! Must be in game when voting to earn rewards!! Great plugins raid pvp server 247! When you vote its 5k and 170EXP PER VOTE!!! Eas
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVP Economy


Players: 6 / 50
Votes (May): 734
Votes (all time): 26351


Unity Network

Welcome to the world of Unity! - Ran by Staff who care about the server and work hard to make it the best it can be! - - Amazing Original Roleplay to make us diffe
Version: 1.9 Survival McMMO RP Economy


Players: 5 / 200
Votes (May): 731
Votes (all time): 6837

Minecraft Server icon for MCMatriz




Server com FullPvP, SkyBlock, Skywars sem lag, e cheios de promoções venham se divertir!!!! Grandes promoções de VIPs!!!! Compre moedas no site e use no server com o que
Version: 1.7.9 Lucky Block Skyblock PVP Economy


Players: 264 / 600
Votes (May): 725
Votes (all time): 5291

Minecraft Server icon for Terus Kingdom


Terus Kingdom

Terus Kingdom

Terus Kingdom een leuke Nederlands talige Kingdom server Op Terus heb je de kans om een eigen kingdom te starten of er een te joinen. We proberen de game play zo leuk mogelij
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Whitelist PVP

Players: 28 / 200
Votes (May): 724
Votes (all time): 2167


FrostyPvP - Just opened!

Server IP: play.frostypvp.com Kill, raid and have fun with heaps of CUSTOM EXCITING PLUGINS! Here we offer on-the-spot connection for smooth PvP with a balanced economy. We h
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVP RP


Players: / 500
Votes (May): 721
Votes (all time): 1060

Minecraft Server icon for The Empire War LOTR Siege Server


The Empire War LOTR Siege Server

The Empire War LOTR Siege Server

NOTE: Use Minecraft 1.9 Lord of the Rings Siege: - Siege or defend a castle in maps based on Middle-Earth. - Working drawbridges, gates, rams, catapults more - Over 25 d
Version: 1.9 CTF PVP RP Video


Players: 21 / 150
Votes (May): 714
Votes (all time): 40004

Minecraft Server icon for ArcherNetwork



★ ArcherNetwork ★ ▓► IP: mc.ArcherNetwork.tk ▓► Verzija: 1.7. i 1.8 ▓► SkyPvP ◄▓ ▓► OPFactions ◄▓ ▓► FFA ◄▓ ▓► OPPr
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions Hunger Games KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVP RP Economy


Players: 96 / 400
Votes (May): 711
Votes (all time): 1945

Minecraft Server icon for CraftWorld Network


CraftWorld Network

CraftWorld Network

CraftWorld Network! A very well maintained, updated and lag free server! Provides a collection of interesting gamemodes with several unique criterias! A few gamemodes incl
Version: 1.9 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 4 / 1020
Votes (May): 694
Votes (all time): 14921


Gravity Prison

Gravity Prison

Gravity Prison is one of the best of the best OP Prison servers. Our staff is very helpful and the owner me is on everyday. Donation ranks are cheap and you get tons of OP st
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Skyblock Prison PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 10 / 216
Votes (May): 693
Votes (all time): 4033

Minecraft Server icon for Venom PvP ✦ FactionPvP ✦ JUST RESET!


Venom PvP ✦ FactionPvP ✦ JUST RESET!

Venom PvP ✦ FactionPvP ✦ JUST RESET!

Hello, and welcome to the dashboard of VenomPvP. Now, I know you may all be thinking why you should join here. Well, Im here to give you some information on our server! Firs
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP


Players: 6 / 150
Votes (May): 686
Votes (all time): 2296

Minecraft Server icon for MineSplit Factions


MineSplit Factions

MineSplit Factions

MineSplit is currently an OP factions server like no other. Some of the features we offer are: [+] Rankups [+] Daily KOTHs [+] Classic Factions [+] Duels [+] Daily parko
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9 Survival Factions McMMO PVP Economy Video


Players: 13 / 200
Votes (May): 683
Votes (all time): 1940



Website: http://Karprebellion.com IP: KarpRebellion.com Pixelmon Version: 3.5.1 -Gym Line Including 8 Gyms -Gym Leaders -Easy to get Started -Protect your Stuff by Cl
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Pixelmon


Players: 8 / 60
Votes (May): 681
Votes (all time): 6286

Minecraft Server icon for ...::: A Whole New World :::...


...::: A Whole New World :::...

...::: A Whole New World :::...

A little about us... AWNW is a server that is run by myself and Kaioko my wife. We started off as a simple Survival server, but over the last year we have grown to now sup
Version: 1.9 Survival Skyblock McMMO Whitelist PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 29 / 1
Votes (May): 678
Votes (all time): 94456

Minecraft Server icon for ★ PixelCub ★ |Network 1.8|


★ PixelCub ★ |Network 1.8|

★ PixelCub ★ |Network 1.8|

Minecraft Server No Premium Hosteado No Hamachi 24/7 No lag de Habla Hispana. …Plugins exclusivos de pago para garantizar la seguridad y diversion. Network Con Servidores de
Version: 1.9 Survival Skyblock Factions Hunger Games McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames PVP RP Economy


Players: 53 / 400
Votes (May): 677
Votes (all time): 3909

Minecraft Server icon for ★★★ SKYLARKPVP ★★★




Server IP: play.skylarkpvp.net New Skyblock gamemode! Kill, raid and have fun with heaps of CUSTOM EXCITING PLUGINS! Here we off
Version: 1.9 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 9 / 1337
Votes (May): 674
Votes (all time): 89598

Minecraft Server icon for MEGA Planet


MEGA Planet

MEGA Planet

Red de servidores MEGA Planet. Consta de los siguientes servidores: MEGA Planet network. It contains the following servers: - Survival - Creativo - Juegos del hambre
Version: 1.9 Survival Skyblock Factions Hunger Games McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames RP Economy Video


Players: 131 / 3072
Votes (May): 673
Votes (all time): 1734

Minecraft Server icon for ⚔🔰🏰 MINEAGE 🏰🔰⚔


⚔🔰🏰 MINEAGE 🏰🔰⚔

⚔🔰🏰 MINEAGE 🏰🔰⚔

IP - mc.mineagepvp.com Mineage has been around since the beginning of minecraft servers. We know factions, and strive to bring you the best vanilla-like Factions experien
Version: 1.9 Survival Factions McMMO PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 168 / 2000
Votes (May): 664
Votes (all time): 337700

Minecraft Server icon for Original Sky Block


Original Sky Block

Original Sky Block

A Skyblock server where you and your friends can play skyblock. Make a skyblock and have friends join and build on it. Original skyblock has an amazing player economy where p
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Skyblock PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 13 / 100
Votes (May): 662
Votes (all time): 15737

Minecraft Server icon for ★ ★ ★ DREAM-MC ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ DREAM-MC ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ DREAM-MC ★ ★ ★

Welcome to DREAM-MC! We want to provide the best possibly minecraft experience. OP Prison | Factions | Skyblock Join today! @ IP: play.dream-mc.org
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO Prison PVP RP Economy


Players: 10 / 500
Votes (May): 661
Votes (all time): 44450

Minecraft Server icon for CastleMC




Towny server with custom terrain and mobs More information and teamspeak coming soon. Feel free to check us out. We are a brand new server with a ton of fun plugins and feat
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 13 / 2000
Votes (May): 661
Votes (all time): 180831

Minecraft Server icon for CraftLeben.de | PvP Netzwerk [1.8]


CraftLeben.de | PvP Netzwerk [1.8]

CRAFTLEBEN.DE Willkommen! Da du gerade eine der besten Entscheidungen deines Lebens getroffen hast und du diese Serverbeschreibung durchließt sagen wir an dieser S
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9 Survival PVP


Players: 27 / 100
Votes (May): 655
Votes (all time): 2167

Minecraft Server icon for PixelmonCraft Pixelmon Server


PixelmonCraft Pixelmon Server

PixelmonCraft Pixelmon Server

Are you a fan of Minecraft Are you a fan of Pokemon Then you are in the right place! Pixelmoncraft combines the two and on our player friendly server you can catch pokemon, c
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Land Claim McMMO Pixelmon RP Economy


Players: 44 / 1000
Votes (May): 652
Votes (all time): 17224

Minecraft Server icon for Kineticraft




Come visit our sVanilla survival server! The difficulty is set to hard and we are both PVE + PVP. We emphasize vanilla gameplay, with minimal changes and plugins. Our serv
Version: 1.9.2 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 6 / 60
Votes (May): 650
Votes (all time): 7149

Minecraft Server icon for Block Kings


Block Kings

Block Kings

Minecraft 1.9.x! Pure Vanilla, Pure Survival 100 percent vanilla TPA, Home, and Sethome system using command blocks! We are a fun and friendly server with great staff an
Version: 1.9.4 Survival Vanilla PVE PVP


Players: 5 / 50
Votes (May): 646
Votes (all time): 7520

Minecraft Server icon for Faded Skyblock


Faded Skyblock

Faded Skyblock is an economy based Skyblock server! We have many things to do such as Challenges, Mini Games, and to have an awesome Skyblock experience. We have helpful staf
Version: 1.9 Survival Skyblock PVP Economy


Players: 68 / 750
Votes (May): 646
Votes (all time): 22812

Minecraft Server icon for OxenCraft




OxenCraft is a small Semi-Vanilla Server dedicated to making the good old survival enjoyable within a community but with a few additions such as Quests. WE USE KEEP INVENTORY
Version: 1.9.2 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 12 / 40
Votes (May): 643
Votes (all time): 1859


Pinchcliffe SMP

Pinchcliffe SMP

IP: play.pinchcliffesmp.com - About Us We aim to be a small-medium sized survival server with an oldschool feel. We like the relaxed community atmosphere that comes wi
Version: 1.9.2 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 5 / 100
Votes (May): 634
Votes (all time): 10255

Minecraft Server icon for Bo Amor


Bo Amor

Bo Amor

No world border! Minimum Plugins! Great Gameplay! Great People! Teamspeak! SkyBlock! Small minecraft server with minimum plugins hoping to create a close community with fun
Version: 1.9.4 Survival Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 8 / 40
Votes (May): 633
Votes (all time): 18115

Minecraft Server icon for Johnnywoof Survival


Johnnywoof Survival

Johnnywoof Survival

This is an incredible and new type of server. A server that is not generic or bland among thousands of others. With our community first, we strive to become unique and to mak
Version: 1.9.4 Survival Land Claim PVE Economy


Players: 12 / 150
Votes (May): 626
Votes (all time): 51704

Minecraft Server icon for Punchcraft Network


Punchcraft Network

Punchcraft Network

Here at Punchcraft, youll find gameplay to fit the needs of every type of player. We currently offer Towny, Factions, Creative, Skyblock, Prison, KitPvP, Skywars, and more! W
Version: 1.9 Skyblock Factions Hunger Games McMMO PVE PVP Video


Players: 38 / 1000
Votes (May): 619
Votes (all time): 20049

Minecraft Server icon for Whos Henry - Survival Extended | 500 new Items, Mobs  Enchants


Whos Henry - Survival Extended | 500 new Items, Mobs  Enchants

Whos Henry - Survival Extended | 500 new Items, Mobs Enchants

Whos Henrys Server is focused on the best possible Survival experience, with Survival Extended, you can craft over 500 new items with working machines, explore a beautiful cu
Version: 1.9 Survival Hunger Games McMMO KitPvP PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 11 / 100
Votes (May): 616
Votes (all time): 19021

Minecraft Server icon for Terminal




Our goal is to be the best damn semi-vanilla server our there. Maximum Dungeons!|Double Ores!|Grief Protection!|Boss battles! We have all the grief protection players need
Version: 1.9.2 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP Video


Players: 1 / 63
Votes (May): 611
Votes (all time): 10034

Minecraft Server icon for Emporior




Emporior is a Global Community Network What do we offer Our network consist out of many servers such as: - Prison - OceanIsland - Factions - Creative - MassivePvP
Version: 1.9 Survival Lucky Block Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 14 / 300
Votes (May): 609
Votes (all time): 58994

Minecraft Server icon for MegaCraft Network


MegaCraft Network

MegaCraft Network

Join us on MegaCraft! Copy this IP into your game: play.mc-mega.com FEATURES: Creative w/ FREE WORLDEDIT FOR ALL PLAYERS 145x145 plots, Pets, Tons of Custom Plugins C
Version: 1.9 Creative Video


Players: 52 / 125
Votes (May): 608
Votes (all time): 4064

Minecraft Server icon for TeegeeCraft




Welcome to the TeegeeCraft Network, a hub server owned by the legendary girl known as Teegee. The TeegeeCraft Network includes: - OP Prison with free plots, player-owned
Version: 1.9 Survival Factions McMMO Prison PVE PVP Economy


Players: 14 / 500
Votes (May): 607
Votes (all time): 16540




MineRoyale is a network based on developing Unique games, with complete originality or a game-changing twist. We currently have two games, and another game under construction
Version: 1.9 Survival Factions KitPvP PVP RP Economy


Players: 7 / 300
Votes (May): 605
Votes (all time): 992

Minecraft Server icon for The Walking Dead Craft


The Walking Dead Craft

THE WALKING DEAD CRAFT [1.7.2] New and expanding server This is a zombie survival based server Deion This is a newly made zombie survival server, where massive amo
Version: 1.8.8 Survival PVP RP


Players: 6 / 80
Votes (May): 604
Votes (all time): 89638