Dreams End 1.17.1

Dreams End
132 Players have voted for this server in November.
5031 Votes - All time
Top Voters

Top Voters

  • senjie - 29 votes
  • PurpleSh4rk - 25 votes
  • Xaiter - 24 votes
  • greatauk12 - 12 votes
  • Malenda - 7 votes
  • Huntterra - 4 votes
  • TimeBlade_ - 4 votes
  • VenomMC_ - 3 votes
  • skittles_lover_ - 3 votes
  • MartinDxt - 3 votes

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: dreams-end.xaiter.com

Join Us on Discord: https://discord.gg/ecsWZHCkAS

Dreams End offers Vanilla-style Survival gameplay using plugins to improve performance and provide multiplayer features that extend and enhance the original Minecraft survival experience.

The server provides an unmodified 400k by 400k survival world, complete with all dimensions and no rules against raiding or griefing. This does not mean we are an Anarchy server: hacking/dupe exploiting is not allowed, for example.

Our shared spawn is but a dream that does not exist anywhere within the playable Survival area - you cannot walk back to spawn, instead you must enter a bed and rest.

Spawn provides an enforced neutral zone with a multitude of features, from secure player trading to random overworld teleports to community participation and voting reward trade-ins.

Community Participation and Voting Rewards are simple items, such as Mob Eggs and decorative player heads, and are intended to extend what you can do with end game survival gameplay. We will never offer items that allow players to skip over elements of the basic Minecraft Survival experience, such as diamonds or starter kits, in exchange for votes or donations or anything at all.

On that note...

We are and will always be EULA compliant. Pay-To-Win will never be allowed, you cannot purchase any in-game advantages. Ever.