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Flocraft Survival
17 Players have voted for this server in July.
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  • .LyricalSwing217 - 10 votes
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  • itsq_x - 1 vote
  • ch4b0exe - 1 vote
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2023-09-26 00:46:19

Good I recommend you to play guys very fun you know


2023-07-30 15:43:38

I've been playing this server for .. what 2.5 years by now and I love it most people who play on this server are really nice great people id recommend this server to anyone there's stuff for just about everyone too so if you haven't allready you should join the server


2023-07-29 22:53:27

I absolutely love this server!! It has very cool plugins like clans, mcstats, upped enchants, sethomes, claims, etc. The people are so kind and it's overall just a very fun server with a cool spawn and other warps but you can also do your own thing :) I have been playing on this server for 8 months now and it's very fun 10/10


2023-07-28 17:01:38

I love this server I've been playing it for so long and most people are amazing now some of the comments say that they were banned or jailed and they were but MOST people had good reasons to be banned or jailed some were hacking or stealing or just making it not a pleasant environment now sometimes the ban is for no reason but our server owner will look into the situation further and may unban people who they may have wrongfully banned and we have some great staff on the server and most people who play on this server are great people who will help when you need it


2023-06-27 00:35:02

amazing, its realy good and i love the challenge it has on everyone on server fr its really awesome


2023-06-20 14:49:23

JAILED FOR A YEAR IS SO AMAZING like ong i love being in a cell


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: flocraft.online

Flocraft - Java/Bedrock Cross-Platform Server

Survival Minecraft for players wanting a community with enhanced multiplayer features.

Game Features:
Beautiful Spawn
Player Shops
Clans and Villages
Custom Quests and Items
Enhanced Enchants
Mob & Player Heads
Flocraft Resource Pack
+12 Skills to Level Up

IP: Flocraft.Online
Bedrock Port: 19132

Website: https://flocraft.site

Invitation: https://discord.gg/HaJAMeU

MCMMO, SimpleClans, Dynmap, CMI, Brewery, BottleExp, SimplePets, Shopkeepers, Multiverse, GoldenCrates, EnhancedEnchants, BeautyQuests, Duels