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2023-07-27 02:03:47

This is an amazing server, active community, very nice community and staff. Very nice.


2023-07-22 23:42:02

amazing, great players, good mods and admins overall 10/10 1 thing i really like is the nice people, only thing i don't like is that it's semi active.


2023-07-20 02:16:00

I enjoy what the server has to offer :) Sometimes people antagonize you randomly


2023-07-17 22:27:38

good servver peaple so nice if i need somthing som peaple give it and the towns so good


2023-07-16 21:50:38

i do this for the key cause this server is kindam good server


2023-07-03 22:25:40

people are less rude on this server and ban them if they dont give them their stuff back


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.minecraftplanetearth.com


The original Towny Earth server is back and is relaunching. This is the perfect time to join us on our
one of a kind 1:500 scale map.

This is the server that inspired every modern Earth server in existence today. We have been around since late 2013, and unlike other servers we have a rich and storied history, with many builds from early 2014 still preserved on our server to be explored. Our custom map has fully
functioning and accurately placed Vanilla Structures such as Dungeons, Villages, Ocean Monuments, and more. You will
not find this on any other Earth map anywhere. Unlike our spin off servers where they either do not have vanilla structures at all, or they are floating in the ocean or cut through the terrain, ours
feel vanilla and natural

Instantly join in on the fun and begin your adventure by creating a town and nation wherever you want on the newly releasing Earth map. Fight your way to glory and you can be forever immortalized in our Wiki that has been tracking the server history for years link below

We feature:
Towny, Slimefun, mcMMO, SiegeWar, Movecraft, Brewery, Gods, and many more custom made features that you will not find anywhere. Including custom and dynamic weather events, explore the vastness of space and colonize other planets.

All of this and more on

Discord: https://discord.gg/M67qyBeBwz
Wiki: https://minecraftplanetearth.fandom.com/wiki/MinecraftPlanetEarth_Wiki

Slimefun, mcMMO, Towny, Brewery, Movecraft