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Horizon's End
215 Players have voted for this server in September.
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Top Voters

  • gregolegomonkey - 30 votes
  • Norvd - 20 votes
  • ItsAlreadyGold - 17 votes
  • GutinGongoozler - 14 votes
  • AssassinXX - 9 votes
  • masterap2010 - 8 votes
  • PepperedApple - 8 votes
  • Stickbug1243 - 7 votes
  • OnlyBrother - 6 votes
  • Necrotize - 5 votes

Recent Comments & Reviews (5)


2023-07-22 13:53:51

Its verry fun and the people are nice I love the space ships!


2023-07-21 00:41:10

Its verry fun and the people are nice also there are space ships!


2023-07-19 01:24:56

Its verry fun and has space ships also verry nice people


2023-07-14 11:07:19

Most underrated server ever. Better than all survival servers out there.


2023-06-30 17:57:55

Very unique and creative idea. A bit of a learning curve, but overall well executed and fun to learn and play. The community is great (minus D_Dazzle, they're annoying af) and they all put a lot of work into making the game fun to play. Also the texture pack is pretty cool.


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.horizonsend.net

Welcome to Horizons End!
Horizons End is a custom coded space Minecraft server. Pilot your very own movable starship, take over entire sectors of space, avoid pirates, use hyperspace to explore the vast galaxy! The galaxy is a 200k x 200k space map, with 17 unique planets to visit. Our server has an active, growing community that is welcoming to all new players. Join a nation or create your own settlement, all with the goal of galactic domination. The possibilities are endless!
Horizons End includes features such as:
and many more! Fight, Explore, Mine, Only on Horizons End!
IP: horizonsend.net
Wiki: https://horizonsendmc.miraheze.org/wiki/

Movecraft, Custom, Essentials, Dynmap