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Osria | High Fantasy Roleplay | 18+ | 1.20.2
93 Players have voted for this server in July.
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2024-06-13 19:45:49

This server is really good and very fun and active.


2024-05-25 02:49:34

Awsome and engaging.The community is balance, appropriately regulated and well maintained.


2024-03-07 00:27:35

Osria is an amazing community that welcomed me with open arms. The staff work hard to ensure that the server runs and are very down to earth good people.


2024-02-15 19:45:30

Pretty neat place to hang out at. Definetly a good place for friends and people to relax at.


2024-02-11 05:35:05

This server is very fun to play on and the RPG system is changing and improving over time. The staff are committed to keeping the server moving at a good pace for players to enjoy events and have new content come out with relative frequency.


2024-02-11 01:34:56

Pretty good Minecraft server. I haven't been on it long but I think about it in my spare time. Staff might work too hard sometimes tbh. They give themselves alot of work.


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Hello Seekers,
Are you looking for a place to develop new stories? Ever wondered how to evolve a character's skills? Or are you wanting engaging roleplay which rewards progression? Have a glance at Osria's Realmseeker System!

A system inspired by tabletop RPGS like D&D and Pathfinder with cohesion of roleplay in mind at every step of the way. Realmseeker is designed to allow the player's freedom while still ensuring consistency across all interactions
and narratives.

No matter what archetype you seek to create, Realmseeker allows you to build your ideal character and story through roleplay.

Osira Roleplay is a server dedicated to a ttrpg role play style. You explore the world through events run by dms and begin your adventures in Sunnydale. You can craft, become your own unique mage or learn martial arts. This is all achieved through our roleplay system. Notably you do not get resources or play minecraft the normal way. You however can own and design your own house all the way up to a settlement. Progression in all systems is tied to your level which will increase as you either craft or participate in events. You can even craft your own magic items with unique effects. People have already made flaming swords, flying airships or golems. We have a very helpful community and staff to help you through anything you are confused about as we want every player to be able enjoy the systems regardless of how new they are to ttrpgs. The server and its systems heavily reward active play so if you want something to dig your teeth and enjoy every week come on into Osiria Roleplay.

You can join our server by joining our forums and joining our discord. Once on the forums you can make your character and apply for a whitelist. One of our staff members will talk with you shortly about your whitelist. Make sure to join the discord if you have any questions as our staff are quite active there.

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