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+ Minecraft 1.18.2 Servers Version

Rank Server IP Address
[AU, US] PlayCDU Network
WE HAVE NO HUB, CONNECT TO THE IPs FOUND BELOW Our Links: Website: Discord: Forums: ...
Players Online: 30 / 400
Votes (March): 42
Votes (all time): 20098



#2 us

CivMC is a Minecraft Civilization Server, where gameplay intertwines with politics, economy, diplomacy, and history. It is the latest 'civ' server in a decade-long...
Players Online: 18 / 125
Votes (March): 18
Votes (all time): 12606

Join our Vault Hunters server at Modded MC Network where no matter how experienced you are you will be about to play with others from arround the world and make new friends....
Players Online: 6 / 32
Votes (March): 17
Votes (all time): 2326

Swemy Horseys is equestrian roleplay and economy server. Swemy Horseys is based off the SWEM mod, as well as it features a variety of other mods. We offer economy, roleplay,...
Players Online: 5 / 100
Votes (March): 12
Votes (all time): 1108

IMMERSIVE Utilizing resourcepacks MineScape is designed to look and feel like RuneScape, start your new adventures with an awesome community PICTURESQUE Beautifully cra...
Players Online: 4 / 1
Votes (March): 8
Votes (all time): 66983

Peaceful Vanilla Club
✅ No Fast Travel: Wander and Explore! Say goodbye to teleportation on this semi-vanilla server. No /tp, /tpa, or /warp to shortcut your journey. Discover new and exciti...
Players Online: 13 / 30
Votes (March): 5
Votes (all time): 28454

Connect: About us PirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We are a 5 year tight-knit community thats developed over the years into a...
Players Online: 6 / 50
Votes (March): 4
Votes (all time): 57499

Welcome to Metro City! As you can tell from the name of the server, we offer a city server with many things for the best experience! Here are some of the things we have here...
Players Online: / 500
Votes (March): 1
Votes (all time): 104

→ IP : ← Discord : Ever wanted to operate a nuclear powerplant ? Here you can ! We have one of the most realistic ...
Players Online: / 4
Votes (March): 1
Votes (all time): 170

Techfurs Lobby
We are a small Minecraft community and our main goal is to have fun, play with friends and provide this experience to others. Have a look at our web page or join our Disc...
Players Online: / 200
Votes (March): 1
Votes (all time): 754


#11 es

[EN CONSTRUCCION] Servidor espaol an en construccin. Por ahora estoy yo solo con todo el montaje y configuracin del servidor mas adelante web/foro si quieres ayudarme y apor...
Players Online: / 50
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 9

Fun Square Games
Enjoy fun, magic, tech and adventure with our refreshing custom unique PVE and PVP servers, as part of our fast growing community, including friendly staff and players. We ...
Players Online: 1 / 999
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 4894

Project Wonder
NEW! Survival 1.13 - Aquatic Update! Survival SLIMEFUN, LUCKY BLOCKS, Jobs, Auctions, NO GRIEF,... Skyblock Auctions, Island Upgrades, Custom Enchants,... Skywars Be...
Players Online: / 300
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 77590



#14 au

VoxelDuel is an Pvp Duel Server which uses The EpicFightMod for its combat to battle other players in duels Currently the server uses the [EpicFight-18.3.7] Version of th...
Players Online: / 50
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 0

The Project Zearth Team is working on v.15, which introduces the new regions of modern Prixton and desert Santoria, with many new cities and areas to explore. Our goal is to...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 0

🛡️ Grief Protection 🔮 Custom Enchantments 🗺️ Preloaded Chunks 🔒 Secure and Friendly 💎 Unique Ranks and Perks 🌟 Crossplay | Join MelonCraft Today <3 ...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 278

47retards05tools is a Minecraft survival server with a non-resetting world, featuring PvP in a free-for-all, no-rules environment. The server's world is 2 years old and...
Players Online: / 47
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 0

This is the official DanielPlays Minecraft server. This server was originally created for fans and viewers of the DanielPlays YouTube and Twitch channel....
Players Online: / 1
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 0


#19 bg

SMP-Bulgaria ! Anarchy SMP. plugins VeinMiner MCmmo . Owneri SMP-Bulgraia! SMP-Bulgaria ! Anarchy SMP. plugins VeinMiner MCmmo . Owneri SMP-Bulgraia!...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 111


#20 us

Alternative anarchy server to 2b2t. No queue, but has an active and large playerbase. Nearly 5 years old as of March 2021. Server version is 1.12.2. Typically has 80-150 pla...
Players Online: 22 / 5000
Votes (March): 0
Votes (all time): 2