Minecraft Vanilla / SNAPSHOT Servers

Here you can find the clean servers without ANY modifications at all. Known as Minecraft Vanilla Servers.

These servers are installed from the original server software provided by Mojang (minecraft.jar or SNAPSHOT) and no additional mods / plugins added. As a server owner you can not use Bukkit / Spigot or similar. If you want to provide Vanilla Gameplay, but with minimal server/user protection, then the server belongs in the Semi Vanilla category.

Vanilla is for the people who just want to play the game as it is.

Attention Server Owner: If your server got Whitelist enabled, be sure to whitelist user Claush, so we can verify the vanilla status. If not, we will remove it from this category.

Rank Server IP Address
~ Legit vanilla ~ No plugins ~ No TPAs ~ Raid/Grief Allowed ~ Rules: No Hacking/Spamming/Advertising. Be Respectful. ~ Survival Only ~ Active/Helpful Staff ...
Players Online: 7 / 50
Votes (April): 412
Votes (all time): 70030

1.20 Experimental Feature
Pandamium is a Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server which will always update to the latest snapshot with experimental features. The server runs on a dedicated server with to...
Players Online: 4 / 50
Votes (April): 260
Votes (all time): 49305

Vanilla-Games is a 1.19 vanilla minigame server. All the minigames run solely on data packs. We currently have 25 minigames to choose from. Including popular games like Pris...
Players Online: / 64
Votes (April): 163
Votes (all time): 21878

Dive into TheBathtubSMP, a community-driven Minecraft server where players come together to build, explore, and create lasting memories. Bedrock + Java Supported....
Players Online: 1 / 500
Votes (April): 154
Votes (all time): 356

Vanilla High
Server updated to 1.20.4 Vanilla High, your build-focused/community-oriented Keep Inventory Vanilla server. We dont allow griefing/raiding and unwarranted PvP. We also requi...
Players Online: 2 / 35
Votes (April): 136
Votes (all time): 90270

¡Ven a jugar en nuestro emocionante Survival de Minecraft Java y Bedrock llamado Surviland! Tenemos un montón de cosas interesantes para mantenerte entretenido. Conéctate...
Players Online: 19 / 250
Votes (April): 87
Votes (all time): 523

Atlas Balkan
🏆 Jedini Balkanski Minecraft server koji pruža kombinovan doživljaj Minecraft preživljavanja, roleplaya i avanture. 🎮 Mogu igrati i igrači sa Minecraft Bedrock ...
Players Online: 3 / 200
Votes (April): 71
Votes (all time): 1123

Potato SMP
On Potato MC [1.20.4], you can experience classic Vanilla Minecraft, but better! Build an epic base, fight to the death, or hang out. Anything is possible, so come check it ...
Players Online: 16 / 100
Votes (April): 59
Votes (all time): 363

Modded Vanilla
Vanilla SMP with an extensive custom datapack and a great community. There are no plugins or game-altering mods. Current features: - Silktouchable Spawners - Homes - ...
Players Online: 1 / 50
Votes (April): 53
Votes (all time): 15433



#10 us

Kilocraft is a vanilla survival server that has been running snapshots since 1.13, and we are currently running our world on version 1.21. Over time the Kilocraft community...
Players Online: 3 / 2024
Votes (April): 51
Votes (all time): 50140

Join us at CraftyMynes, We are a 100 percent Vanilla Server with great staff and Strong Community! Using all the newest features of Minecraft we have created an exceptional ...
Players Online: 4 / 88
Votes (April): 46
Votes (all time): 189347

Classic Vanilla
A Minecraft server with classic vanilla experience and the latest version 1.20.4! - We respect the work of other players so griefing is prohibited. - The map limit is ...
Players Online: 8 / 50
Votes (April): 30
Votes (all time): 6392



#13 uk

Not after Anarchy? Don't like excessive plugins? Want a place that doesn't reset the map every update? Do you just want normal, vanilla Minecraft on a server that...
Players Online: / 200
Votes (April): 12
Votes (all time): 119



#14 us

CoreMC - Literally just Vanilla Minecraft Tired of server resets deleting your progress? Think most plugins make the game too easy? Want to just... play Minecraft? I...
Players Online: 1 / 999
Votes (April): 9
Votes (all time): 104

Fireant Vanilla SMP
Fireant Vanilla Multiplayer Sting like an ant bite. Founded 16/03/2023 Created on version 1.19.3 Current version 1.20.4 Render/Simulation Distance 10 chunks Se...
Players Online: / 420
Votes (April): 7
Votes (all time): 78

Vanilla Valley
We are a vanilla-based gameplay server, with a world radius of 250k. We support Java and Bedrock cross-play. Enjoy building together! Sethome/home, with communal trade ro...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (April): 7
Votes (all time): 43

Welcome to Diamond SMP, where adventure awaits and friendships are forged. Have you ever wanted an SMP where diamonds are the currency? Look no further, all you need to do i...
Players Online: / 36
Votes (April): 6
Votes (all time): 6

Strictly Vanilla
100 Percent Vanilla MineCraft We do use command blocks for certain things but we do not use any command block mods such as: |Home|SetHome|TPA|Anti-Cheat/Hack/Fly|Clear-Lag...
Players Online: / 50
Votes (April): 5
Votes (all time): 45437

No rules, just do what you want ! its a server Im hosting on a home-made computer You need to be in 1.19 to join You will be in survival NO MAP RESET Reddit : r/...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (April): 3
Votes (all time): 26

this is a server where you need to parkour always to survive in this server you start as a noob but you can rank up to become pro then master to rank up you need to hard pak...
Players Online: / ?
Votes (April): 3
Votes (all time): 25