SaltCraft - Über Ultra Hard survival 1.7.10

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Survival No death ban
If you think minecraft is too easy, and that you need  a challenge.
Then is this a server for you.

It is a survival server However, PVP is allowed, there is no whitelist.

If you can survive 7 Minecraft days on this server without dying, you will
be able to call yourself a Pro Minecraft gamer.
This does not apply if you are a coward and just hide in a small enclosed space

Things you should know:
Dirt and cobble dont hower anymore, they fall when updated, just like sand and gravel.
In order to get cobble, you have to finde exposed coal ore.
Your character will get tired, there are random angry wolfs, Bats bite, cake has healing effects.
That should get you startet.
Oh yeah... The ultra hardcore plugin does so you cant regenerate health, you can only fill up you hungerbar to avoid starvation. The only way to get hearts back is by eating a golden apple or using a health potion.

Good luck... you will really need it...


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