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2024-03-18 15:32:09

best skyblock server out there. i am not a paid actor. i need apparently to write more so i just tell you that its not that op skyblock shit where you get huge headstart its purely grinding


2024-03-01 06:24:04

I like this server alot. Very kind staff and players.


2024-02-29 06:48:58

Server owner kinda ugly but has nothing but the best intentions and care for his community. lol (Also dang that moderator in the fancy robes is an epic dude.)


2023-04-22 04:52:56

halo man is cool i guess


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.chaoticunited.net

== Introduction ==
Chaotic United is a gaming community with a rich history. Starting in 2011 and going through several exchanges of power, its been through quite a bit. Today, our community is small but tightly-knit - everyones a friend. Our staff team is professional yet down-to-earth - we arent your typical strict admins. We are all generally quite laid back, all here to have some fun.

== Features ==

= High-Powered Performance and Backups
Our MC server runs on a dedicated server with 32GB of memory available. Our server runs on PaperMC rather than standard Spigot. On top of that, we have an automated backup system as well as grief rollback. On top of that, when we do world resets, we offer previous worlds as a download. We do our best to ensure your work is never lost to grief - or to time.

= Survival
Our survival mode is our main feature for most players. This is where most of the cool stuff happens. You can unlock extra perks for registering on our forums, as well as by either purchasing them or through accumulating playtime on the server! Theres also a few other nifty features that you wont find anywhere else, some large and some small. The other big highlight for Survival is the server economy. Create shops, sell or trade with players, or just live a humble life in a small wooden box. The choice is yours.

= Creative
If youre more of a builder type, this will probably be your new home. We have massive plots - 200x200 technically 199x199, so that theres a single block center, where you can fit builds of all shapes and sizes. Unlike our other gamemodes, these builds are never reset - so you can be rest assured that they will never go anywhere.

= SkyBlock
If youre a fan of SkyBlock, we offer that too. Many players do all kinds of crazy stuff here. Nothing too crazy here, just pure, unadulterated SkyBlock. Cant go wrong!

= Minigames
We also offer a handful of different minigames, including:

- Parkour: The classic gamemode that wears out your thumb from pressing the spacebar a million times! Weve got arenas of all sorts - from typical climb-to-the-top maps, to maps that are full-blown puzzles.
- MobArena: Everyones favorite wave-defense mode has a home here at Chaotic United. You can choose from a few starting kits, as well as find some extra goods on the map. How long can you last?
- Spleef: It hardly even needs introduction - be the last person standing in this test of your left-clicking abilities and reflexes.
- TheRedCore: A gamemode you wont find anywhere else - ever. TheRedCore is a gamemode all about finding the elusive Red Core. Whoever finds the Redstone Block first the most times wins! But keep your eyes sharp - the location is randomized each round.

== Other Services ==
We dont just offer a Minecraft server.

= Forums
The hub for the community, where we post updates and users share in discussions of all sorts.

= Discord
Our Discord server fills the role of our instant chat and voice server. This is currently the most active of all our services by far. Even when Forums and Minecraft are slow, Discord is always regularly active.

Ready to join the Chaotic United Network?
Join our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/h282hYn
Register on our forums at: http://chaoticunited.net/forums
Join our MC Server at: mc.chaoticunited.net

Essentials, McMMO, Factions, MultiVerse, and many more!