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Find below the list of recently updated Minecraft servers. These servers have been sorted by their update status, meaning that the server administrators have been active on our website and have updated their listings.

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Rank Server IP Address
WELCOME TO OPIEST MC/ KNIFECRAFT SMP opiest mc is a server of ishu op gaming . Ishu op gaming is small youtuber of minecraft games. This server is best minecraft surv...
Players Online: 8 / 2000
Votes (May): 77

Discover Your Perfect Cobblemon Adventure on CobbleLand! Welcome to our Cobblemon community, where we celebrate the diversity of playstyles and preferences! Our unique ne...
Players Online: 76 / 200
Votes (May): 2867



#3 us

[1.20] [BEDROCK] [Laid-Back] โ˜… HAY YOU โ˜… Welcome to HayCube! We are a frienly player-driven community! Come play now, solo, or with friends, HayCube is for everyone! We ...
Players Online: 32 / 500
Votes (May): 2689

Infection ZCraft Zombie A
Discord Link: CurseForge ModPack: Infection ZCraft Server Pack ( You Have to Do...
Players Online: / 1000
Votes (May): 3

BEDROCK SUPPORTED! Port 19132! Netherite is a unique Minecraft Network focused on the game modes Lifesteal, Survival, and Skyblock. The network strives towards prospering in...
Players Online: 224 / 2024
Votes (May): 75

๐ŸŒ Hosted in USA | ๐ŸŽฎ Top-tier Performance | ๐ŸŒŸ Endless Fun Are you ready to take your Minecraft experience to the next level? Look no further! Join our vibrant com...
Players Online: / 500
Votes (May): 3



#16 us

Welcome to KrinityMC!๐ŸŽ‰ We offer 24/7 uptime PVP Minecraft server. We're continuously evolving and have exciting plans for the future, including the addition of new f...
Players Online: / 50
Votes (May): 8

WinterCrest SMP
The perfect server to make new friends! Looking for a non-grief community that welcomes you upon every login? Well WinterCrest is for you! We believe Multiplayer is for p...
Players Online: 7 / 75
Votes (May): 393



#18 us

Our 1/1 Deaths till Raidable Faction server will give you the PVP and PVE experience you seek! Whether it's raiding rival factions, killing bosses, or training skills, ...
Players Online: 1 / 101
Votes (May): 3

Cosmic Prisons
Cosmic Prisons is one of the most popular Minecraft prison servers. The server offers a unique gameplay experience where players start off as prisoners and must work their w...
Players Online: / ?
Votes (May): 1

Crypto Craft
Crypto Craft - NFT based game is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) Minecraft metaverse hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. To join the server you will need to purchase an NFT from Crypto...
Players Online: / 2064
Votes (May): 0

Crossplay survival economy server a pocket worlds. . We are founded upon a close knit of friends whom wanted to make a professional server that people can come on to and ...
Players Online: / 300
Votes (May): 0


#22 us

A New & Awesome Minecraft Smp Where You Can Have Lots Of Fun & Build Huge Mansions & Explore Freely! I Hope Everyone Has Tons Of Fun And Play As Much As They Wan...
Players Online: 2 / 50
Votes (May): 0

LuckyPanda is a survival Minecraft server offering a wide range of possibilities to enhance your Minecraft experience on 1.20.4. The server offers a community-driven economy...
Players Online: 3 / 100
Votes (May): 0

We are a chill 24/7 server enjoying the Survival mode experience with some plugins to help spice up the game. Come play with us! Most notable features are the use of Telepor...
Players Online: 3 / 30
Votes (May): 0

Epic Jump Map 2 (1.4.2)
Join our Minecraft server to play the epic parkour map "Epic Jump Map 2"! Enjoy thrilling jumps, challenges, and fun on version 1.4.2. Bring friends and test your ...
Players Online: / ?
Votes (May): 1

Fun new simple LifeSteal Minecraft server, welcome to both Java and Bedrock players. Join to partake and an exciting adventure through a fun and loving community. Staff appl...
Players Online: / ?
Votes (May): 1



#27 us

This is the best Country RP Server with the earth map, create your own country, the server also has BedWars, SkyWars and Murdermystery, or you can generally talk with our vo...
Players Online: / 6794
Votes (May): 0

St00pCraft // Syphex
st00pCraft // Syphex! Minecraft Server (see bottom for more staff info) A simple start to a community-built network! From the developers of CreeperKidz Skins over a decad...
Players Online: / 30
Votes (May): 13

NEW!!! All The Mods 9 [No
ATM 9 PvP/Grief Server: Peace Server: Peace Server 2: Our Links: Website: D...
Players Online: 6 / 25
Votes (May): 170

NEW!!! All The Mods 9 Ser
ATM 9 PvP/Grief Server: Peace Server: Peace Server 2: Our Links: Website: D...
Players Online: 1 / 25
Votes (May): 51