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Wildcraft Serenity
267 Players have voted for this server in September.
18129 Votes - All time
Top Voters

Top Voters

  • TheSquareTigerYT - 25 votes
  • Omthalamos - 22 votes
  • Liokas - 22 votes
  • ccarasone - 21 votes
  • Nexlemav - 17 votes
  • g9rdon - 17 votes
  • Skyember - 15 votes
  • nightkast - 14 votes
  • InvisibleSpiders - 14 votes
  • JamminDready - 12 votes

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.wildcraftmc.com

WildcraftMC's Discord Community
Where the Wild, is home!

In an endless sea of cold impersonal Minecraft Networks & Hub servers, Wildcraft Serenity wishes to offer you something more meaningful, a server to call home. Our main goal has been & always will be to promote community togetherness, with members joining from far & wide, all around the world. Wildcraft's dedicated members and courteous staff would like to invite you to our server community & into our family.

Basic Info
Version:1.17.1Java Edition
Established:April 17, 2011
Donation Store:https://store.wildcraftmc.com
Voter & Donor Ranks:https://www.wildcraftmc.com/ranks

We strive to make our server community feel as friendly & safe as possible to everyone that wishes to join us. Visit us on ourDiscordserver to get a true feeling of what we are all about. We encourage players to discuss suggestions or concerns regarding the community as to fulfill everyone's individual interests.

Build Contests
Holiday Themed Events
Treasure & Scavenger Hunts
Discord Events & Giveaways
Movie Nights

We offer two different forms of ranking: voting & donating. Earn increasingly better ranks by voting daily which provides you with donor-like perks, the higher the vote rank, the better the reward. Donor ranks are setup in a way to allow members to skip the process of daily votes while supporting the community at the same time.
View more info here,Ranks.

Redeem special keys from server events, contests, voting & donating to receive various unique rewards. Watch out for our monthly crate events!

Our members earn economy by joining up to two specially designed jobs which offer a levelling mechanic to increase income over time. Other ways of earning is by participating in server events & setting up your very own player shop.

Included are a multitude of optional features, such as survival and creative worlds. An RPG play style to upgrade your player skills. Mini Bosses that drop rare collectible loot. Adventurous Quests that offer exclusive events and items to collect. An advanced fishing feature with custom levelling, rod augments, entropy & much more.

We offer an extensively customized advancement system that offers special abilities & rewards for completing many new achievement based advancements.

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