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2055 Players have voted for this server in May.
302937 Votes - All time


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.wildercraft.net

Join friendly players who enjoy survival Minecraft without pvp, grief or trolls.

Server Reset New Season 9 map for 1.16.4 reset on Dec 18, 2020
- Grief protected claims and chat filter keeps it nice and clean
- Friendly staff always available to help or ban toxic trolls
- 6 survival servers with shared inventory
- 1 spawn with dozens of player-made shops
- 1 vanilla server called The Expanse like Hermitcraft, no teleport or vote rewards
- 1 creative server
- 1 skyblock server build a forest in the sky with our unique skyblock game!
- Weekly custom ender dragon event
- DungeonRun, a custom mini-game called: battle your way to fame and rewards
- No pay-to-win: we work hard to maintain a fair play environment where players can earn ranks and items as well as donate to support the server and keep the lights on
- Skyblock beta our custom nature-themed skyblock where you build a garden in the sky

Sorta-vanilla means all plugins and code we create balances survival Minecraft powers, reduces over-powered items and comes with costs and trade-offs to consider.

We are a nature-themed survival server. Builds should emphasize nature over the structure itself. Most days you will find about around 100 people playing.

- World size is 40k x 40k
- Hard difficulty survival
- No PvP, we are too nice and friendly for that kind of vibe
- Land claims to prevent grief ... hackers/jerkfaces/thieves banned
- Custom player shop uses in-game items like diamonds, iron, beacons economy: https://wildercraft.net/economy/
- Vote to increase /ranks, and donate for the same rewards to keep things very fair and free for everyone
- End reset every week plus Friday night custom event The Ruby Dragon
- Custom ladder stats https://wildercraft.net/ladder/

Come join our friendly players!