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Recent Comments & Reviews (6)


2024-07-05 06:28:29

It is a great server for begginners in minecraft the best!


2024-06-20 07:10:43

Best server ever! 1.21 semi vanilla with plugins and free items


2023-12-18 01:34:38

this server is really cool and i enjoy playing on it


2023-09-02 23:52:26

Ive been playing this server for like... 3ish years. Everyone is kind and respectful on this server and there is a lot of cool extra things :D


2023-07-04 17:41:10

Awesome server. Low pressure, lots of fun! Plenty of options, including skyblock and vanilla.


2023-06-27 01:43:22

This server is a lot of fun. It's family-friendly so there are wholesome vibes. It also has pigs and pig-related activities. If you want to play Minecraft where you can make friends, you should play here. :)


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: familymc.xyz

elcome to the FamilyMC network! We are fully 1.19 release. We strive to provide a safe environment for everyone to play in 24/7 with 100 uptime and absolutely 0 lag.

We run across two high quality professional dedicated servers featuring our main machine with an overclocked i9-9900k running at 5.1GHz. Through our high performing hardware we are able to provide a high performing minecraft server even on the latest and most demanding minecraft releases!

We offer Survival, Creative, Vanilla, and SkyBlock servers.

Our Survival 1.19 server offers: Land claiming, player shops, player warps, in game ranks, custom enchants, jobs, scrolls, and more!
Our world is located at /warp Town and our spawn offers easy access to all features and game play.

Keep inventory is enabled
You can be randomly teleported into the wild to start playing, or look around spawn and find a place to build a shop.
Useful Commands:
/start - for a tutorial
/warp ClaimTutorial
/warp ShopTutorial
/msg /jobs /scrolls

Our Vanilla 1.19 server offers: vanilla game play with no plugins, basic rules such as no griefing, and always running the latest version. If a grief ever occurs, message staff and they can have it completely fixed within seconds!

Our SkyBlock 1.14.4 is one of our favorites. Its fully 1.14.4 and has custom islands, crates, spawners, an auction house, and a vast market place with every material and item you could possibly need!

We cant wait to see you in game at familymc.xyz!

Be sure to join our discord: discord.gg/YVDapVP

Essentials, Land claim, towny, jobs, creative, skyblock