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79 Players have voted for this server in January.
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.50kilo.org

KiloCraft - First 1.14 Survival Server


/help - View all commands
/tpa - With it you can teleport to other players
/sethome - Set a home
/home - Teleport to your home
/res create -Claim Land

You should join our server, because:

We have a helpful and friendly community
We are as close as possible to vanilla survival gameplay and still, make it possible to not get griefed and play together with your friends
We are real 1.14 Server and not just a 1.13 Server, which allows 1.14 clients to connect.


Will reward you 50.00 which can be used to buy survival items at /shop!

Server Stats:

Minecraft Version: 1.14 Full Release

We have been a successful server back in 1.13 snapshots, so we have a lot of experience with snapshots, BUT keep in mind, snapshots are buggy and can make you lose all your stuff.

If you discover a bug, report it to mojang and us