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Now 1.14.4

MeepWorld is a simple yet fun mostly vanilla minecraft server, with a very straightforward feel and friendly community of players.

The world features a small spawn village at the centrex0,z0 with some basic facilities, including public farms, a mine, an info centre, a portal and a villager market. Information on theserver, plugins, free to use farms andinteresting things to visit can be found in the info centre. The rest of the world is wilds in which to build, dotted with houses and builds here and there. You could even go ahead make a settlement, using the grief prevention plugin, which allows for land protection and claiming, plus its very easy to use.

The idea is that its super easy, fun, relaxed and simple vanilla survival in a friendly environment. To help with this, creeper explosions are disabled, fire spread and mob squishing are turned off and you keep your inventory when you die. PVP is enabled but its generally frowned upon if the other player doesnt agree to it, so no randomly murdering people please.

There are no thrills or frills, no teleportation, no /home, no warps, just back to basics like in single player, except with friends to help you. Its all about exploration, building large transport networks and working together to conquer the wilds. There is an extensive nether tunnel system to get to most places and even a few railway lines.

We started out with a blank map when the server was relaunched in January, but dont worry, we dont do frequent world resets. Now several months later, whilst there are many creations all over the place, there is still plenty of room to build. As for the end dimension, we do occasionallyreset that to allow for new players to find unlootedcities, but the main island and any player builds are left alone, as long as you notify a staff member of their whereabouts.

Basically just go out and have fun out in the infinite wilds of minecraftia, either playing solo or working together with friends to conquer the wilderness and build many epic creations of awesomeness. MeepWorld, its all about fun.

For further information you can talk to staff and players on our discord, and please visit the information centre in game.

Quick Look
- Online 24/7
- Professionally Hosted
- Minecraft 1.14.4
- Friendly Players
- No Ranks, just responsible staff
- Full Grief Protection
- Multiple Daily Backups
- Discord Voicechat Server
- Large 3GB Ram for a non-laggy experience
- No Worldborder

Connect Here
- IP:
- Discord text/voice chat room: https://discord.gg/qA6vRku
- Seed Map: http://bit.ly/mwseedmap
- Plug.DJ: plug.dj/meepworld

GriefPrevention, Coreprotect, Server Restorer, Votifier, WorldEdit