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sVanilla Survival
17 Players have voted for this server in June.
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Top Voters

  • Joxels - 1 vote
  • WoolyWombatt - 1 vote
  • .RogueSumo755014 - 1 vote
  • FatherSarge - 1 vote
  • Lunarwingg - 1 vote
  • KastorKein - 1 vote
  • .PandaBricks - 1 vote
  • Mzrry - 1 vote
  • Ikeclone - 1 vote
  • The_Gray_Man - 1 vote

Recent Comments & Reviews (4)


2023-05-16 08:10:39

so many cute femboys on here like pewor and has a lot of fun is thing you can do if you know what i mean


2023-05-15 02:10:15

yea its cool and stuff. i like how it has tp and stuff.


2023-05-12 04:10:24

Rocket PVP meta is a blast. Friendly people and a fast lag free server


2023-05-08 14:55:22

i love it the pvp mechanics are really cool. the smp is really nice there welcoming and kind


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: corn.gg

In a world where Minecraft PvP has become predictable and monotonous, a new server dares to break free from the mundane. Welcome to sVanilla Survival, where the sky's the limit and the action never stops.

Rising from the ashes of traditional crystal and anchor PvP, sVanilla Survival offers a bold, new experience that shakes the very foundation of Minecraft combat. Introducing an experimental PvP mechanic, this Semi-Vanilla server breathes life into the game with fireworks launched from crossbows, exploding like anchors and paving the way for electrifying aerial battles.

Enter the danger zone of elytra dogfighting, a heart-pounding combat style reminiscent of the legendary Top Gun movie. Soar through the skies, dodge enemy fire, and outmaneuver your opponents as you engage in high-octane aerial showdowns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Amidst the chaos of this daring new frontier, forge friendships and rivalries in sVanilla Survival's vibrant and dedicated community. Navigate a dynamic world teeming with opportunities for exploration, conquest, and camaraderie, all under the watchful eye of our supportive and committed staff.

So strap in, grab your aviator sunglasses, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other. In sVanilla Survival, it's time to prove you've got what it takes to be the best of the best.

Welcome to the danger zone. Welcome to sVanilla Survival.