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A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door
35 Players have voted for this server in May.
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  • Monticelli - 16 votes
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  • Brubanana - 4 votes
  • SKDiCaZ - 3 votes
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  • La_Carrota - 1 vote
  • larperox - 1 vote

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: nocheatsmc.com

Hello gamers. Thank you for taking the time to consider A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door. I consider the server a lawless server because there is only 1 rule, No cheating. My goal as someone hosting a server is to create an environment where people can enjoy all the mechanics of vanilla minecraft, both pvp and pve.
What really makes minecraft shine is when people work together and it is all the more impressive when people decide to work together on a lawless server. While I encourage cooperation, I also enjoy some chaos and that is why there is only 1 rule.
Please note, there are minimal plugins on this server to prevent lag during tps drops. And there is minimal intervention by admins. Everything built in the game is built in survival mode, creative mode is not permitted.
Most people login to server and immediately die, over and over, then they rage quit. Be warned the server is set to hard mode and because there is very little lag the monsters will make your life difficult. I have constructed several mini bases around the spawn area spawn radius is set to 1000 to help new players, but because this is anarchy it is a constant battle to keep these bases stocked with supplies.
Some people asked me, why the server has the name it does. Well, when I first started the server, a zombie pigman broke my door.
Other things of note, the map will never be reset and the seed will never be given out.
Discord: https://discord.gg/8tm9KzK