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Spells, passive and active.
You get 1 skill point with every level up.
You get 10 from start.
Go to trainer for training skills.
You can reset skills in trainer menu.

Quests are tasks.
Completing quests are rewarded with items, coins, exp and such.
You can do same quest in every 24 hours.

Gems can be acquired from mobs, quests, shop and crafting.
Gems gives direct buffs, like stats.
You have 3 gem slots from start.
New gem slots can be unlocked using rubies.
Right click fletching table to place gems to their slots.

PvP is player versus player. fighting
There is 4 ways you can do PvP.
1. /pvp, if two players have /pvp on, they can fight.
2. dueling, shift + right click + left click sends a duel request.
Dueling can be done anywhere too, but just one players against one player.
3. Arenas, in arena everyone is have to fight.
Setting /pvp off wont make a difference.
4. Territories, same as arenas, but with teams.

Scrolls are item power ups.
Can be applied to every equipment.
Used in crafting table.
Equipment in middle and scroll on any other slot.
Scrolls has a chance to break items.
Broken items can not be used, until fixed with repairer.
Repairer can be buyed with rubies.

Gods gives direct power buffs.
To select a god, you need to kill Iron golem boss.
You can select god in trainer menu.
You can change your choice later with rubies.

There are treasureschest hided everywhere.
Treasures gives you random items at treasure level.
You can collect a treasure just one time.
Every player can collect the same treasure and get different items.

Territories are capturable areas. by parties
Every 23.5 hours, PvP is opened for 30 minutes.
Current territory owners protects villagers.
Enemies kills villagers to conquer the territory.
If enough villagers killed, killers will be the new owner.

Brewing is creating potions with flowers.
Flowers can be found randomly around map.
Potions gives you direct powers for a duration.
Duration and Power can be increased.
You can make potions using brewing stands
Eg: {offensive setter damage
increase duration/power complete with complement
combine with other potions} to make a multi power potion.
Eg2: defensive setter armor complete with complement
to create a basic armor potion.