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The BUGGOR CRAFT project was created on 06/10/2016 as a server that completely denies the possibility of increasing its game advantages over other players by investing real currency into the game donation. We do not sell patches and resources - on our server everything can be achieved simply by playing and developing.

We have implemented support for two main patches, the Citizens of Amber and the Citizens of Avalon.

The inhabitants of Amber are ordinary players who have access to a standard set of worlds that are updated wiped and the most basic teams and opportunities as close as possible to vanilla. Residents of Avalon are players who have lived on the server for a decent amount of time, made acquaintances and went through a small but interesting selection path to obtain registration in a new world. In addition to the three standard worlds, such players have access to a separate world of Avalon and a separate world of Nether, which will never be updated wiped. More advanced and interesting commands are also available, which have been added in order to diversify the game on the server. For example, the ability to fly for a gaming experience for one hour.

Safe and comfortable playing on the server remains thanks to such patches as Server Team, Server Moderator and Server Support.

The server team, in fact, are the right hand of the administrators, they have a colossal amount of possibilities and can regulate the activities of the project on their own.

The server moderator is the main body for controlling the gameplay, as well as a punitive mechanism, sharpened to ensure the most comfortable and pleasant game on the server for ordinary players.

Server support is a small management mechanism on the server, their main task is social interaction with players as well as a small part of the work to search for intruders, in the absence of the upper echelons of server management. They have basic commands to maintain peace and order.

Most importantly, any of those who hold such positions are the same Residents of Avalon, like everyone else!
The thing is that they independently decided to give part of their time and effort to ensure that the project lived more stable and calmly.