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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.hearthcraft.net

This server is 0 pay-to-win, and to prove that, you can check for yourself! We hate it as much as you might do.

Amidst the coldness of the outside world, we at HearthCraft offer you a place to keep yourself warm with sweet hellos, joyful laughter, and lively conversations.

Server Details

IP: play.hearthcraft.net
Website: https://www.hearthcraft.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/hearthcraft
Server Trailer: https://youtu.be/Zvwg7CytICA
A glimpse: http://imgur.com/a/9ioUQ73
Rules: http://www.hearthcraft.net/rules

Why should I join?

Well, just to give you some background, HearthCraft has been an SMP server for anyone for a year now. Weve been giving people smiles, fun times, memories, and friends to people of all kinds since October 2018.

If youre a Minecraft veteran, I assume youve been in these kinds of servers:

1. Everyone is just minding their own business. The chat is too flooded to notice you join.
2. An overly strict and tight one where the staff members, among all people, are the ones rude to you.
3. A hub server thats just... soulless. A sense of community is hardly found.

HearthCraft, I can say, is the polar opposite of those servers. When you join, assuming theres people online, youll be welcomed. Everyones cool, and... warm.

A fair experience

The feature were proud of is our leveling system. Do you know how in some servers, its either youre a regular or a donator?

Thats absolutely what we avoid.

We have a leveling system where you can level up and access extra perks at the price of playtime, mcMMO power, and in-game currency.

Basically, when you play enough, youll eventually be able to fly, access certain commands, and even talk with color codes.

Preserving Sentiment

We understand that a big thing people hate about most servers is that the worlds reset. While we understand that worlds reset for good reasons like everyone has gotten everything, things have gotten pointless, etc., we will make sure it wont get to that. Everything you build will be preserved. Even the graveyard you made for your first horse.

Last remarks

Really, were a continuously growing community, and if you decide to join, well welcome you into the Hearth.