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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.parallel.ga

Welcome to Parallel, a vanilla SMP where rifts between custom differently-themed worlds suddenly open, and players are free to travel between them in order to face great dangers, explore uncharted territory, and collect gleaming treasure. Featuring a vibrant community and continuous updates, youre sure to never get bored.

Server Features:
- New 1.16 Nether!
- Quests
- Multiworld exploration
- Tons of new dungeons, towers, and other structures
- Custom commands
- Fancier Woodland Mansions
- Better Pillager Outposts
- Fossil Dungeons
- Sunken Treasure
- Illager Fortresses
- Improved Villages
- Better Ocean Structures
- One-Player Sleep
- Better Armor Stands
- More Wandering Villager trades
- Fast Leaf Decay
- Expanded Advancements
- Player Head Drops
- Mob Head Drops
- Bat Membranes
- XP Storage
- Shooting Stars

Server Rules:
- Use common sense this includes cheating, stealing, griefing, spam, respecting others builds, etc.
- Harassment and hate speech are not tolerated in any fashion
- We do not use claims. Respect other peoples property and items
- Keep spawn clean. Staff have the right to remove anything at spawn they deem unfit
- Do not cause excessive lag tick farms, too many mobs, etc.
- Be responsible for your own MC account
- Do not impersonate staff
- Do not post or link to 18+/offensive content
- Respect the privacy of server/discord members
- PVP is not allowed unless all involved parties consent to it
- Claims abandoned for more than 3 months are allowed to be removed by admins
- Staff are fully allowed to contact you if they believe you are in the wrong
- A complete set of rules can be found on our Discord server
Staff are fully equipped to handle all player issues, including inventory resets, rollbacks of griefs and stolen items, and chat moderation.

Server IP = play.parallel.ga MC 1.16.1

For more info, including a full set of rules and additional specifics about how our server is customized, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/NctW4Ax

BossShopPro, Citizens, CitizensCMD, ColoredSigns, CoreProtect, FastLeafDecay, InventoryRollback, NoCheatPlus, Quests, Vivecraft Spigot Extensions, VotingPlugin