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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: atheros524.ca

Atheros524.ca is MCMMO server built around Minecraft vanilla gameplay.

Our economy system allows you to sell selected things to the town villagers depending on their professions for diamonds. The diamonds are exchangeable at the town bank for virtual currency at a rate of 20 per diamond. You can even set up shop in the town or city if you want!

The virtual currency can be used for a wide variety of things, here are a few examples. you can buy from player shops and admin shop in the city, you can even invest in our real estate system.

We have many custom items to be discovered ranging from guns, custom potions, substances, custom fruit trees, custom plants even custom music discs!

Oh ya, before I forget you can also buy claim blocks in the wild with the money you made from diamonds at a rate of 2 per block. As a default you will start with 256 claim blocks.

Atheros524.ca also has a vote shop that rewards you in points for your continued support.

Do /vote to discover the voting links. Each link will give you 5 points daily, you can spend them in our vote shop with /shop. Cool perks can be obtained such as fly for 24h, night vision for an hour, extra set homes and even a pet block with an inventory if thats your thing.

Arc-city home of money!

Here you can purchase and sell property, anything from a small bare plot to a huge lavish mansion, possibilities are endless filled to the brim with a full city gun shop , dispensaries car dealership and much more just the perfect combination for the coolest rp experience