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Project Shiba
908 Players have voted for this server in November.
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  • Lovely_Misfit - 29 votes
  • Han_0504 - 29 votes
  • Ikkegwn - 29 votes
  • Kuni1 - 23 votes
  • salamander2505 - 21 votes
  • htmlovely - 21 votes
  • Vastayan_Lord - 19 votes
  • Darkthunder91 - 17 votes
  • yokipii - 16 votes
  • NovaFantom - 14 votes

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2023-11-22 06:23:12

its veryt good sooo good I like the pokemon but dislike the spawn rates.


2023-11-07 22:29:58

Was banned from the discord last month made an appeal then was banned from the server without even a three strike warning?


2023-11-06 05:06:00

friend got banned without 3 warnings. he made an appeal was denied. they were unprofessional about it. Owner made fun of me called me salty. seen their server history i see this is a very common problem.


2023-11-04 09:35:34

best pixelmon server In World and we can grind hard on it


2023-10-26 21:12:08

Came into the server and did not realize why the server not working, came into their discord and asked for help and the owner and another helper started raging at me like crazy for every little thing that I do. probably the owner is going to see this and rage at me even more but I don't really care. such a toxic team. didn't even join the server and I don't want to ever join after this, probably nothing special, just an average pay2win server that you need to pay for to even play.


2023-10-25 22:42:40

This server has lots of stuff to do and is great


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: pixelmon.projectshiba.com

Project: Shiba Pixelmon [1.16.5]

- Server IP: play.projectshiba.com

Project: Shiba is a community-based server, great for both beginners and seasoned Pixelmon players alike!
Our player count is real. (◕‿◕)♡

Features include:

- PokeDex Ranks
- PokeHunts
- Bingo
- Pokemon Outbreaks
- Custom Pokeballs
- Playtime Rewards
- Vote Rewards
- Player Warps
- FREE Battle Pass
- EV Training
- Blissey Training
- NPC Shops for materials, held items, building blocks, and more
- Safari
- Custom Skills
- Lottery
- Chat Games
- Overworld with BYG Biomes
- Over 200 server-exclusive Pokemon textures
... and more!

Connect with the latest version of the Pixelmon: Reforged modpack! [1.16.5]
Join our discord for our custom modpack, resource pack, and/or assistance!

Discord: https://discord.gg/projectshiba
Website: https://projectshiba.com

Pixelmon, Pokemon, Griefdefender, skills