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Tumbleweed MC
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2023-12-10 09:33:38

W server, very cool. Players are nice, makes the environment feel friendly AF and just cool to play on and grind when your bored.


2023-11-29 00:34:46

W server. The players are nice and many addons to make it more fun


2023-11-28 12:45:03

really pro and nice people, the people in the server were really nice to the new people, they will give u stuff and help you.


2023-11-22 00:07:55

This server is the best! Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. The money system is great and it's easy to make money! The owners are super kind, and they help anyone that needs help. I hope whoever is reading this, that they can join and meet me! See you then!


2023-10-17 14:43:32

there is very nice ppl please join the server so u can join the expiriment


2023-09-29 08:13:35

Great server, lots to do and easy to navigate - fun and friendly players who help new people out and are kind to younger players. I especially love how the option to "keep inventory" is enabled for gameplay, which I've never seen any other Minecraft servers have.


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: TumbleweedMC.com:25525

We are a Streamer Friendly network featuring Survival Eco, Slimefun, KitPVP, ManHunt, and Wild West.
Java Server, with Bedrock support : )

[Survival Eco] - Classic survival economy server prison server hybrid. We have mostly custom plugins with claim /sell. Each rank unlocks a prison pit, ability to sell new items, and also unlocking perks such as mob catching with eggs, and custom commands such as /stack /condense.

[Slimefun] - Less economy focused survival server orientated around the slimefun plugin of technology. Unlock new machinery from the guide with experience and build anything from an auto miner to a nuclear reactor! This gamemode offers the experience of modded Minecraft without the requirement of downloading any mods.

[KitPVP] - Normal kitPVP servers being a little boring? Join us on our one of a kind kitPVP server with added firearms! Classic western styled free for all with new kits updated every other week!

[Manhunt] Wanna experience the youtube videos yourself? This is just the right place! Your objective is speedrun the game or hunt down the speedrunner. Seems familiar?

[Wild West] - Inspired by GTAO RDR2. We offer an open world online experience similar to these 2 games. With our custom texturepack plugins, you may experience the old west today! Guns, horses, and narcotics all at play!
Plugins installed on server: MCMMO, Slimefun, Survival, Economy, Claims, Manhunt, KitPVP

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Custom Plugins - Survival | KitPVP | ManHunt | WildWest