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Lush Survival
1827 Players have voted for this server in January.
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  • SethsOnlineID - 26 votes
  • Anjumi - 26 votes
  • 2_2_5k - 24 votes
  • KasonCool - 24 votes
  • zack436 - 23 votes
  • skyfall22k - 23 votes
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  • xJen - 22 votes
  • JKLingas - 22 votes

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: server.lushsurvival.net

Lush Survival is ranked as one of the Top 10 Best Minecraft Survival Servers of 2021 Minecraft.buzz. This multiplayer survival experience is designed for you, taking a player-focused approach far beyond what others are doing. You will notice right away what makes Lush Survival the last survival server you will ever need. Come experience it for yourself and see what everyone is talking about..

- Server Map View Live Map
- Trees have physics See Example
- Player Shops See Example
- 100 Diamond Based Economy See Example
- Fly in claims See Example
- Community XP Farm See Example
- Chest, Inventory, Hotbar Auto-Sorting See Example
- Land Claim
- Toggle PvP
- Auction House
- 13 Skills to Level Up mcMMO
- Extra inventory backpacks
- Custom Armor Stands
- Vote For Time Weather
- Marriages
- EULA Compliant Anti Pay-To-Win
- No Limits on your builds or farms


- Just joined but really enjoying it. Tree physics are a must! Seems like a great community cant wait to play more.
- best server ive been on so far
- i love this server it is really good and has a nice community
- AMAZING server with very very kind community!

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